Monday, November 14

music for your Monday

Goyte featuring Kimbra.

So the video is kinda creepy. And kinda cool at the same time.

Monday, November 7

music for your Monday

The Head and the Heart. Lost in My Mind.

Some mellow Monday music. 

Wednesday, October 26


Back home always looks best in film. From a recent trip home to Wilton. 

Thursday, October 13


A few months ago three of my roommates moved out. Although two only moved an entire block away we've missed each other like crazy so we made sure we made up for it with brunch, our favorite meal to share together!

walking talking eating

My mom came to visit a few weeks ago and I walked that woman all over the city, eating the entire time. Visits from Mom are the best. Especially when she comes loaded with five boxes of multi-grain Cheerios, cookies, and movies.

Monday, September 5

music for your Monday

My friend Paul claims this is better than Lauryn Hill's Tell Him. I don't know. It's beautiful, but better?

Seeing as it's one of my favorite Lauryn Hill songs, I'd say it's right up there but not surpassing.

Friday, September 2


My roommate and I have decided that once a month we're going to start taking ourselves out for a nice breakfast. We dragged ourselves out of bed and began our new tradition at Zazie, a cute neighborhood restaurant in Cole Valley. 

Let me tell you. 

It was worth it. 

soy chai tea lattes

my roommate

her gingerbread pancakes with a lemon sauce and my french toast with strawberry and mint butter

Tuesday, August 30


If I watch these videos enough I'll actually be excited about school...

A Brief History of Title Design from Ian Albinson on Vimeo.

Monday, August 29

Saturday, August 27

bits of my apartment

 cosmos and sweet peas from the Ferry Building Farmer's Market

I held out for the most perfect globe. And I found it. 

embroidered inside jokes