Thursday, July 30

gimme gimme

I saw you through the window yesterday in the mall. I knew we were meant to be. If only you would go on sale and then we could be together forever (or at least until I love you too much and you fall apart on me).

Tuesday, July 28

Tomorrow my new friend Brittany and I are going on an adventure into San Francisco! I love that city, I have so many memories of day escapes there with different friends. One time I went with my friend Kristie and we were photographed by a creepy guy in a car and then later got on the wrong BART train and ended up in Oakland. When I went with my friend Dylan he and I got completely lost and a man very rudely refused to give us directions. Another time I went with my friend Erin and her boyfriend, who decided we should eat at $5.99 All You Can Eat Dim Sum. He then proceeded to pile the nastiest looking things they served there onto our plates. After we sat down we began to see signs inconspicuously placed everywhere that basically said if you don't finish everything on your plate there's a $5.99 waste charge. Then there were these two ladies standing at the front and the back of the restaurant watching every single customer like a hawk. It was a little frightening. Not to mention one of the dishes that Donnie put on my plate that I lovingly described as looking like roadkill served for dinner that the dog stole off the table and then threw up. I did finish everything on my plate though! Just promise me you won't ever go to $5.99 All You Can Eat Dim Sum on Washington Street in Chinatown! And then of course there was the time Karen and I went down for a day and ended up getting a little lost (it's not my fault my friends can't read maps. Whenever I drive and I hand them the map they always give up in the end. What's up with that anyways? I love to read maps. It's like a treasure hunt!) but we made our way to a beautiful deserted beach at sunset. When my cousin Robby and I went in January we spent practically all day going around the city and finding different gelato shops.

I love visiting San Francisco and I love the random things that always happen.

Sunday, July 26

to the poor unsuspecting people on Table 8

Dear Table 5,
I'm sorry your food took for-ev-er to make it to your table last night. That was embarrassing. But I'm glad you still enjoyed it.

Dear little girl on Table 7,
I thought you were awesome until you decided your brother's food looked better than yours. The kitchen hates me now. Thanks.

Dear woman in the weird shirt on Table 9,
It's not my fault you misread the menu and thought your pacific red snapper was coming covered in capers instead of a sun dried tomato and caper butter. So don't yell at me. Now the kitchen really hates me.

Dear Table 12,
I'm sorry I didn't realize you existed for the first however many minutes you were seated and you went through 2 baskets of bread before I sheepishly arrived. I still feel terrible. I swear that's never happened before. But don't try to milk your free drinks into free dessert. Oh wait you did that. So I bought your dessert with my own money because I didn't want the kitchen pissed at me again, AND THEN you didn't even finish the whole thing. It's my turn to be mad at you.

Dear Jack on Table 1,
Your vodka looked like melted ice to me. Please don't growl at me again.

Dear tipsy ladies on Table 21,
I totally thought you were my table. I guess the sections changed.
P.S. Lady sitting at position 4- you don't need any more alcohol. Your sentences aren't making sense.

Dear Big Bird and Johnnie,
News flash: nobody enjoys being around you.

To all customers, for the last time, no, we do not have ranch dressing. Yes, you will survive.

Dear potential Tuesday night customers,
Please be in good moods. My sanity depends on it. Because after last night, I don't know if I can handle another person from the planet of weirdness. Thank you.

she was quite friendly

Today I went on a walk through my grandma's fields and while dodging cow pies I had to laugh. That's not what I used to do when I was little. Actually, I did the exact opposite. My parents would tell me that if I stepped in the cow pies and wiggled my toes that it would make me grow.

What a mean trick to play.

Tuesday, July 14

polaroid this

my friend Sophie making camel riding glamorous on our trip to Morocco last April. I named my camel Hakeim.

put this one on repeat

what lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

ralph waldo emerson

Wednesday, July 8

down to the pier

After a glorious day of shopping in San Francisco with my friend Mandy, we headed down to the Pier and ran inside an old photo booth. I'm not wild about the results, except for the last one, where she finally showed some initiative and came up with her own face.

true that Ernest

if you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast.
Ernest Hemingway

This weekend I'm driving over to Santa Rosa to party with all my friends from Paris. I couldn't be much more excited. Wait. Maybe I would be more excited if I was actually going back to Paris. Again. Hmm... that just might trump things.

No, no, I was right. Definitely couldn't be any more excited about any other group of people.

Latest Card Creations

I just recently went to the movies with my friend Dylan and his little sister, Sommer, whose birthday party I went to a few years back although I'm not that close with her. I had made her a card using some of my favorite paper (yes, I have a hard time parting with paper) and I was pretty pleased with it. The thing with me and cards is, I spend so much time on them making sure they look okay and match the personality of the person who is going to receive them, so that after spending an hour or so creating them, I always wonder what happens to them after I give them away. Well Sommer told me she was doing some cleaning in her room and came across the card I gave her. She told me she usually throws cards away but she kept mine because it was one of the coolest cards she's ever gotten. Aaah best feeling ever!!! My time was not wasted!

I don't think I've ever agonized over such a simple card before. I made it for my favorite customers that come into the restaurant I work at, they've been coming in since I started 6 years ago, and I just recently discovered that Mr. Sparks is in the final stages of cancer. So I made them a card and mailed it off. But first I wanted to make sure it was perfect for them.

This was for my friend Pablo, I decided he needed to receive an awesome random card in the mail. We had just been talking about how many O's there were in his name, so I made that the theme. The inside is a message that's randomly scattered, and I numbered them so that it wouldn't take forever to read.

This was a quick make, I realized that day that I STILL hadn't made a birthday card for my old friend Heidi, and her birthday was that day, so I at least wanted to get it postmarked on the right day!

I made this one for Linda at work, she recently had surgery. I was very excited while I was making this because I remembered that I own spray adhesive now, so I didn't have to worry about glue lines behind the vellum flower I drew!

Tuesday, July 7

Hydrangea Love

Something about hydrangeas instantly makes me happy. They're just one big fluff ball of goodness.

little Paige

has the prettiest curls