Tuesday, March 30

humdinger of a day

on Sunday when I rolled down my window to chat with the homeless man at a stoplight, he told me to enjoy the beautiful weather because the rains are coming and Tuesday is gonna be a humdinger.

He was right.

Besides conversations with loveable homeless men, lately I've been up to...

altering jokes with my super cool grandma

lunches with fabulous friends

art shows

practically giving my stuff away for free at a garage sale

helping old man carry couch at said garage sale and walking into a lamp, receiving instant blood blister. Ew.

bridal showers for one friend

and wedding planning with another from a few states over

walks downtown

finding icing tips, deciding to decorate a cake, only to write the word bamboozle in pink icing

singing/screeching Grease, The Sound of Music, Oklahoma, and songs like Ain't No Mountain High Enough while doing the dishes with my mom


working on a screen printing project/lingerie party gift for another (yes, third friend I've mentioned) who's getting married. It's going to be awesome. I'll share it with ya when I'm finished.

gearing up for a baseball game this Friday with old friends from Paris

and a Michael Buble concert next week courtesy of my best friend.

Now... if I was a fabulous blogger then I would have photos to illustrate everything I just told you, however, I am too busy enjoying these things to remember to pause and take a photo.

I promise, I'll try harder.

P.S. don't forget to let me know your words for Mad Libs. I've already read some of them and they're pretty gosh darn funny.

Monday, March 29

music for your Monday

Adele covering Sam Cooke? Yes, please.

play along with me

so I've been "cleaning" my room for the past... oh, maybe... week.

Or year.

I never seem to last very long. I'll be cleaning and then I find some old note from a friend. And then it's over.

Because then I have to read EVERY note, or look at EVERY photograph. Or I'll start reading an old magazine.

It's bad.

Today, I got put on hold by Mad Libs. Did you ever play that as a kid? I did, and loved it. So OF COURSE, I had to play today.



That's right. I've always wanted ridiculous nothings whispered into my belly button.

After I filled this one out, I got an idea. Why can't you all play along? So, here's the fill out thing, I really hope you take a few minutes to do this because I think it could be really hilarious.

And then in a few days I'll post the story.

Yes? YES.

Alright, here goes-


geez, I hope using these forms is legal...

Monday, March 22

buying bans


I haven't bought any new clothes since the beginning of January.

January ninth to be exact.

Not that I need any new clothes. I just want them.

And now I've banned myself from buying music on iTunes for awhile.


Thank goodness for NPR and free listens of She and Him's new album.

So if you're not poor but pretending you are because you know you will become poor if you don't, head on over for some free listens.

the smell of honeysuckle charmed me off my feet

ginger peachy

When I was a little girl, one of my very favorite movies was Meet Me In St. Louis. I had the whole movie memorized and I wanted to marry the boy who lived at 5133 Kensington Avenue. Only one of my friends loved old movies as much as I did; we watched Meet Me in St. Louis too many times to count. And we always giggled when John Truett called the welsh rarebit "ginger peachy."

So this week I'm mailing out a little embroidery I did for Heather, just in case she needs a giggle.

ginger peachy

ginger peachy

How about a little Meet Me in St. Louis music for your Monday?
[for all of you other old souls out there]

Thursday, March 18

turn here!

Don't you find that the best day trips are the ones without agendas?

palace back

let's turn here


appel market


hitchcock bird


Wednesday, March 17

don't you dare pinch me

St. Patrick's Day always triggers kindergarten memories for me.

I remember I wore a white dress that had primary colored polka dots.

I was worried that people wouldn't find the green dots.














Tuesday, March 16

a little something about a little someone who has a big something on her finger

Karen by the beach

my wonderful friend Karen phoned me from Texas on Sunday to tell me that she and her boyfriend had gotten engaged! I'm so ridiculously excited for her and can't wait until her wedding.

Karen and I met in high school. Sitting in a circle of people we didn't know, everyone had to share some little something about themselves. Karen's little something was that she loved looking through bridal magazines and daydreaming about her someday wedding. This made me yell across the circle-

And that was it.

We've been friends since.

karen and i

karen a few years ago on the beaches of San Francisco double exposed with a little bit of my garden. sorry it's so grainy, it was a film scan.

and then

karen and I last summer, dancing into the early hours of a hot and humid Texas morning.


cornered blossoms

Monday, March 15

music for your Monday

somedays these are just the words you need to hear!

Sunday, March 14

making whoopie

pies that is!


Mmm mmm good.


Definitely not for the faint of heart.

Tuesday, March 9

incredibly good

Last summer I was killing time walking through the new library and happened to pull this book out of the shelf.

I loved the book jacket, was intrigued by the summary inside, considered checking it out, then thought to myself- oh it's probably just nice looking on the outside, and that's all.

And then I come on this little thing called the internet to visit many of your lovely blogs, only to realize that my little find in the library was not a little find but an excellent find. And I passed it up.

After that, EVERYTIME I went back to the library it had been checked out. Until last week.

I yanked it off of that shelf as quickly as I could, hurriedly walked to the checkout (lest someone else who had been waiting around for it notice me and steal it away), and then completely devoured each word.

I love Oskar. And I would buy one of his inventions.

I am particularly fond of the chemically treated shower water that pretty much turns your skin into a mood ring.

That would be pretty awesome. Not to mention hilarious.

It would be like living in the cartoon Doug.

All this to say
if you haven't read the book
you should.

Image found from Google images.

Monday, March 8

music for your Monday

And on a side note, on the iTunes version of this,
Zooey Deschanel is in charge of hitting the yeah yeah's.

You like this song even more now, don't you?

Wednesday, March 3

got my boots on

some days it's nice to just put on my boots and take a walk around the farm

farm girl

splendor in the grass

water me

"He is the happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



"There is a magic in that little world, home; it is a mystic circle that surrounds comforts and virtues never known beyond its hallowed limits"
Robert Southey

barnyard boots

wheel me out


I go out walking

"Home, the spot of earth supremely blest,
A dearer, sweeter spot than all the rest"
Robert Montgomery

Monday, March 1

citizen Paul

While we were hanging around outside of a coffee shop this afternoon, my friend Paul and I were approached by a photographer named Brad who features a new stranger on his blog everyday. He asked if either one of us would be interested and I pointed my finger at Paul, who somewhat reluctantly agreed to answering this man's questions. It was fun! Here's Paul's interview and the photo Brad took of him-

citizen Paul on Citizens 2010

Anyways, then we spent the next few hours aimlessly wandering the streets of downtown Sacramento, talking about anything and everything. It's nice to have a friend like Paul.

citizen Paul
Paul and I a few summers ago

I am becoming a little old lady

filling my time with book reading, tea, and now... embroidery.

let's get lost embroidery



music for your Monday