Tuesday, March 16

a little something about a little someone who has a big something on her finger

Karen by the beach

my wonderful friend Karen phoned me from Texas on Sunday to tell me that she and her boyfriend had gotten engaged! I'm so ridiculously excited for her and can't wait until her wedding.

Karen and I met in high school. Sitting in a circle of people we didn't know, everyone had to share some little something about themselves. Karen's little something was that she loved looking through bridal magazines and daydreaming about her someday wedding. This made me yell across the circle-

And that was it.

We've been friends since.

karen and i

karen a few years ago on the beaches of San Francisco double exposed with a little bit of my garden. sorry it's so grainy, it was a film scan.

and then

karen and I last summer, dancing into the early hours of a hot and humid Texas morning.

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  1. that first picture of karen is absolutely beautiful. i love how it feels so old. congrats to your friend!!