Tuesday, March 30

humdinger of a day

on Sunday when I rolled down my window to chat with the homeless man at a stoplight, he told me to enjoy the beautiful weather because the rains are coming and Tuesday is gonna be a humdinger.

He was right.

Besides conversations with loveable homeless men, lately I've been up to...

altering jokes with my super cool grandma

lunches with fabulous friends

art shows

practically giving my stuff away for free at a garage sale

helping old man carry couch at said garage sale and walking into a lamp, receiving instant blood blister. Ew.

bridal showers for one friend

and wedding planning with another from a few states over

walks downtown

finding icing tips, deciding to decorate a cake, only to write the word bamboozle in pink icing

singing/screeching Grease, The Sound of Music, Oklahoma, and songs like Ain't No Mountain High Enough while doing the dishes with my mom


working on a screen printing project/lingerie party gift for another (yes, third friend I've mentioned) who's getting married. It's going to be awesome. I'll share it with ya when I'm finished.

gearing up for a baseball game this Friday with old friends from Paris

and a Michael Buble concert next week courtesy of my best friend.

Now... if I was a fabulous blogger then I would have photos to illustrate everything I just told you, however, I am too busy enjoying these things to remember to pause and take a photo.

I promise, I'll try harder.

P.S. don't forget to let me know your words for Mad Libs. I've already read some of them and they're pretty gosh darn funny.

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  1. I had a similar sort-of-freaky-but-in-an-amazing-way experience with a homeless man back when I as in high school. I was having a bad day and I guess I must've really looked it because on the bus ride home a scruffy man sitting across from me leaned over, caught my eye, and said in this really kind, soft voice, "Chin up, Prom Queen. You've got beautiful eyes big enough to see it's never as bad as you think." Then he got up and got off the bus. I never forgot it.