Tuesday, March 9

incredibly good

Last summer I was killing time walking through the new library and happened to pull this book out of the shelf.

I loved the book jacket, was intrigued by the summary inside, considered checking it out, then thought to myself- oh it's probably just nice looking on the outside, and that's all.

And then I come on this little thing called the internet to visit many of your lovely blogs, only to realize that my little find in the library was not a little find but an excellent find. And I passed it up.

After that, EVERYTIME I went back to the library it had been checked out. Until last week.

I yanked it off of that shelf as quickly as I could, hurriedly walked to the checkout (lest someone else who had been waiting around for it notice me and steal it away), and then completely devoured each word.

I love Oskar. And I would buy one of his inventions.

I am particularly fond of the chemically treated shower water that pretty much turns your skin into a mood ring.

That would be pretty awesome. Not to mention hilarious.

It would be like living in the cartoon Doug.

All this to say
if you haven't read the book
you should.

Image found from Google images.


  1. such an amazing book too. I also love Oskar. I want to give him a hug and be his friend.. Foer is a genius! His other books are amazing too! xox

  2. i'm so glad you liked it. it's my favorite--my absolute favorite.

  3. thank you for that wonderful, kind and genuine comment on my blog. that was really sweet and it brightened up my day a bit today.

    i really love this book too. i've read it three times and recommend it to everyone i know.