Monday, March 22

the smell of honeysuckle charmed me off my feet

ginger peachy

When I was a little girl, one of my very favorite movies was Meet Me In St. Louis. I had the whole movie memorized and I wanted to marry the boy who lived at 5133 Kensington Avenue. Only one of my friends loved old movies as much as I did; we watched Meet Me in St. Louis too many times to count. And we always giggled when John Truett called the welsh rarebit "ginger peachy."

So this week I'm mailing out a little embroidery I did for Heather, just in case she needs a giggle.

ginger peachy

ginger peachy

How about a little Meet Me in St. Louis music for your Monday?
[for all of you other old souls out there]

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  1. love this movie. old musicals cannot be beat.