Monday, March 29

play along with me

so I've been "cleaning" my room for the past... oh, maybe... week.

Or year.

I never seem to last very long. I'll be cleaning and then I find some old note from a friend. And then it's over.

Because then I have to read EVERY note, or look at EVERY photograph. Or I'll start reading an old magazine.

It's bad.

Today, I got put on hold by Mad Libs. Did you ever play that as a kid? I did, and loved it. So OF COURSE, I had to play today.



That's right. I've always wanted ridiculous nothings whispered into my belly button.

After I filled this one out, I got an idea. Why can't you all play along? So, here's the fill out thing, I really hope you take a few minutes to do this because I think it could be really hilarious.

And then in a few days I'll post the story.

Yes? YES.

Alright, here goes-


geez, I hope using these forms is legal...


  1. lol, i know the feeling...i always get distracted. i save everything and am always cleaning my room. ridiculous nothings whispered into my belly button?!! yes, yes please!

  2. Totally loved Mad Libs. I wanna play along!

    ADJECTIVE: clean
    NOUN: paper
    NOUN: finger
    ADJECTIVE: gooey
    NOUN: bed
    PART OF BODY (PLURAL): goosebumps
    ADJECTIVE: stiff
    NOUN: ghost
    A LIQUID: frappuccino
    NOUN: tights
    NOUN: handkerchief
    NOUN: wrench
    A NUMBER: 23
    NOUN: eyeballs

  3. I do that ALL the time, stop and look through everything while i'm cleaning!! it's bad!

    ADJECTIVE: enormous
    NOUN: baboon
    NOUN: mailman
    ADJECTIVE: robust
    NOUN: plate
    PART OF BODY (PLURAL): corneas
    ADJECTIVE: damp
    NOUN: oven
    A LIQUID: mylanta
    NOUN: xylophone
    NOUN: straw
    NOUN: cheese
    A NUMBER: 2
    NOUN: grapes

    i can't wait...