Tuesday, November 30

mrs. de alejandro

here's one of the bridesmaids and the bride.

I really just wanted to show you all my little vintage dress. Got it at a consignment store, couldn't get the zipper to work, took a chance and bought it without trying it on anyways. My mom took it back home with her, replaced the zipper, shipped it over, I tried it on and it fit perfectly! Magic I tell you. I got it in the mail the day before I left for the wedding so unfortunately I didn't get to wash it and I smelled like old lady.

So worth it.

Monday, November 29

music for your Monday

This video combines two things I love-

1) Donora's I Think I Like You


2) Hula hooping

My roommates think I'm crazy because I like to hula hoop in the living room. And in the kitchen. And down the hallway. With a janky hula hoop that I found at a little asian mart down the street for two dollars and nineteen cents. It's a horrible hula hoop.

But its purple.
And I love it.

Tuesday, November 23

going home

It's funny how you can visit so many amazing spots across the world but home is still the place where its at. There's just something about home that gives this instant relaxation and comfort. Can't wait.

The other day I had a long chat with my dad on the phone. I'm so thankful for my dad. I got a good one.

I'm also thankful for the washer and dryer at my parents house that doesn't make me feed it excessive amounts of quarters. As well as the pot roast, mashed potatoes and gravy that my mom is planning on making for dinner tonight. Oh and the lack of public transportation which means I get to drive my dad's truck and not have to rely on cranky bus drivers for a few days.

Yeah, home sounds good.

Monday, November 22

music for your Monday

Can't believe I never heard this song until last week, and then I heard it twice in two complete opposite places! Love it.

West Coast by Coconut Records.

Friday, November 19

life in SF

I wrote this a month ago.
And I don't know why I never hit the
publish post button.

So here you go. Delayed ramblings

right now there are four bags chock full of Halloween candy sitting next to me on my bed. So tempting. So so tempting.

In other news.

The Giants are in the World Series! Whaaattt?! I think I brought good luck to San Francisco by moving here. You're welcome SF. And all of you baseballers, if you're rooting for the Rangers, shame on you!

The night clerk at the liquor store up the block knows my name. As does the Amtrak man. As does my boss. This is the extent of people who know my name in San Francisco. Not including my roommates. I don't know how the liquor store clerk knows my name. It's not like I go there often... It's true though. I don't. Their ice cream is overpriced.

I think I may be the most responsible person in my apartment complex. Who takes out the trash on Wednesday nights and sorts the mail? When did I become an adult? Although, my lunch the other day that consisted of scrambled eggs, croutons, and m&m's might reflect differently. Hey, if you had to ride your bicycle fourteen blocks uphill you probably wouldn't frequent the grocery store that often either.

I have become the master procrastinator. Actually, that's not new. I perfected that skill many years ago.

Its funny to me that now I find making seventy five cents a day in tips is ridiculously exciting, when I used to bring in at least one hundred dollars a shift in tips at my old job. Oh how times have changed...

Until Halloween my roommate Lia and I are partaking in what we call Classy October. I'm not sure what all that entails. And I'm not sure why its only for October. We should probably keep it classy year round.

I bought a duvet cover online the other day. Yet I own no duvet to be covered..... Its pretty...

Things I have learned:

San Francisco weather is a bitch. So tempermental. One day freezing sopping wet, the next beautiful.

If you smile at the bus driver when they're driving up a lot of times they'll pull up and open the doors directly in front of you. Unless it's a woman driver. Those ones aren't so friendly.

Cupcake customers don't always appreciate sarcasm.

If you bake your upstairs neighbors a chocolate Guinness cake from scratch for their birthday they will love you forever. But they won't return your dish.

If I am working, it will be a beautiful day out. If I'm not, it's gonna be ugly and cold.

Clean clothes are overrated. If it smells okay, it's going back on the hanger.

Do not wear high heels for an afternoon of shopping. In the rain. Perhaps next time I should bring a rain repellent jacket, galoshes, and umbrella. If only I had any of those, let alone a jacket with a hood.

When you and one of your upstairs neighbors drunkenly kiss, things could be slightly awkward the next time you see him in the stairwell.

Aerosol air fresheners for the bathroom are a joke. Because no matter what, your roommate is going to know there was an unpleasant odor in there at some point. If you don't use they spray, they smell the funky smell. If you do, they smell the air freshener and know the funky smell is lurking behind it. Over share? Sorry. It's been on my mind.

Thursday, November 18

its that time again

umm, hello most perfect holiday dress EVER. *

Come and join the party in my closet.

*little did I know that scrolling down the page would lead to more beautiful party dresses. Gosh darn you cupcake salary. You make Anthro so unattainable.

Monday, November 15

music for your Monday

Today I listened to this song over and over on my walk to work. Because its good.

Saturday, November 13

back from Texas

Karen made a beautiful bride. Hopefully I'll post some more photos soon, right now I'm exhausted from a week of celebrating!

Tuesday, November 9

working on my 27 dresses

Tonight after class I'm off to Austin, Texas for my friend Karen's wedding! This will make bridesmaid gig number five, I think...

As I was writing her a special note I got to thinking about some of my favorite memories we've made together as friends. There's a lot for living in different states for the majority of our friendship.

Like when we road tripped to Los Angeles for the Price is Right and spent our time in my truck crooning along to Frank Sinatra, getting semis to honk their horns, pretending to be pilots, and chasing down a Little Debbie's delivery truck.

Or when we got kicked out of a hat store for having too much fun.

And the time when we got lost in San Francisco because Karen couldn't read the map and I couldn't read it while I was driving. The funny thing is that now I live right by where we ended up parking and watching the sunset by the ocean.

There's also all of the singing and dancing in the car time that we've accumulated. Every song must have motions.

The trick or treating. In high school. May I just say, it was all her idea.

And I'll never forget the time when she was eating Nerds candy and proclaimed "I love nerds!" and I made the mistake of saying "is that why you're dating Ethan?" Needless to say, Ethan is not the man she will be marrying this Friday (thank goodness, that could've made for an awkward toast).

The thing that makes Karen's wedding super special to me is the fact that we became friends over the fact that we loved weddings so much.

Well, that and the fact that she can do a spot on impersonation of Snow White.

That clinched it for me.

Monday, November 8

music for your Monday

on a Monday, imagine that!

So these are the Black Keys, I listened to their album Brothers nearly nonstop for two straight weeks. Not gonna lie, its good.

Not digging the violence in this video, but the music and the sharing of doughnuts from pockets makes up for it.

Wednesday, November 3

I don't think I ever shared this with you guys. Beautiful, right?
So inspires me to do something stop motion-y.

Monday, November 1

this city is electric right now

its an amazing time to be living in San Francisco.

Read this, couldn't have said it better myself.

Tonight, I came home from work, turned on the game, and watched the San Francisco Giants win the World Series. Compared to the other games, it was pretty unexciting, but afterwards, man oh man, was this city the greatest place to be. I might have done multiple happy dances. Up and down the street. And I might not have a voice tomorrow.

So worth it though.

Feels good to be a San Franciscan right now.

After the game my roommates and I headed out and only made it a block down the street, Giants fans had taken over an entire block, there was dancing, cheering, riding on hoods of cars trying to make it through the throngs of people, riding on the bike rack of city buses, a drummer, chanting, and victory champagne popped and splattered on everyone around. I got hugs and high fives from strangers, shouted back and forth in victory with neighbors I have never met, and watched a semi drive through the crowd with people hopping on it like it was normal to hitch a ride on the front.

Here's a taste:

Yes there is a man standing on the bike rack of the bus. And yes, that was a bottle rocket you heard at the end. Love it.

Amazing and so electric.

Can't wait to wear my Giants baseball hat when I fly into Texas next week for my friend Karen's wedding. Here's hoping I survive that trip : )