Monday, November 1

this city is electric right now

its an amazing time to be living in San Francisco.

Read this, couldn't have said it better myself.

Tonight, I came home from work, turned on the game, and watched the San Francisco Giants win the World Series. Compared to the other games, it was pretty unexciting, but afterwards, man oh man, was this city the greatest place to be. I might have done multiple happy dances. Up and down the street. And I might not have a voice tomorrow.

So worth it though.

Feels good to be a San Franciscan right now.

After the game my roommates and I headed out and only made it a block down the street, Giants fans had taken over an entire block, there was dancing, cheering, riding on hoods of cars trying to make it through the throngs of people, riding on the bike rack of city buses, a drummer, chanting, and victory champagne popped and splattered on everyone around. I got hugs and high fives from strangers, shouted back and forth in victory with neighbors I have never met, and watched a semi drive through the crowd with people hopping on it like it was normal to hitch a ride on the front.

Here's a taste:

Yes there is a man standing on the bike rack of the bus. And yes, that was a bottle rocket you heard at the end. Love it.

Amazing and so electric.

Can't wait to wear my Giants baseball hat when I fly into Texas next week for my friend Karen's wedding. Here's hoping I survive that trip : )


  1. congratulations, that's so awesome! i gotta be honest, i didn't even know tonight was the last game :/
    i don't have cable... and it wasn't the yankees :)
    while i do feel like being in new york after they win the series would be incredible (and one day i'm going to be there!) i always felt like it would be so much more amazing to be in a city who doesn't win the series as often, i feel like the joy is.. bigger- like boston when they won, or to be in new orleans when they won the super bowl.

  2. I know, my coworker was saying she was talking to this elderly woman who said she and her husband had been rooting for the Giants since they came to San Francisco in the fifties, she was so excited for the win. I think you're right, I think a victory is so much sweeter when it doesn't come as often.