Monday, August 23

music for your Monday

Sophie Madeleine singing Take Your Love With Me

Sunday, August 22

sf street food festival

My roommates and I decided to make an afternoon of the San Francisco Street Food Festival. It was amazing and incredible and delicious. If I hadn't gotten so ridiculously full I would have never left.

[there were so many people, way overwhelming but completely worth it]

[vietnamese tacos]

[adobe chicken, eaten with a spoon, the meat fell right off the bone]

[figs wrapped in prosciutto... amazing]

[strawberry horchata]

[gourmet s'mores]

[this girl added a sweet little touch to her hat with a sprig of lavender]

[peach lemon verbena popsicle from BiRite, best popsicle ever]

[the end.]

Friday, August 20

dear scientists,
please invent something awesome that could turn our memories into movies so we could watch them over and over again without loosing any details. So that we could project them on a wall to share with all our friends because sometimes our words fail to accurately describe the scene we once saw.

dear homeless man,
that was not a baby on my shoulder. It was a grocery bag. I don't know how old it is.

dear man sitting next to me on bus today,
it's called deodorant. Try it sometime.

dear tourists,
the paths in the park are wide enough for all of us. Two people do not need to take up the entire width of the path. Don't make me break my stride.
Or I will break you.

dear sun,
thank you for making an appearance multiple times over the past three days. You've made me so happy.

dear park bench,
you are my favorite. Thank you for letting me lay on you today and stare up at the leaves of a most beautiful tree.

dear blackberry and vanilla custard tart,
you. Were. Amazing. I cherished every moment we shared together.

dear guys living above me,
what do you have up there? A pet rhinoceros?

and to my legs,
you are going to look amazing in heels if I keep running in the park everyday. Hooray!

Thursday, August 19

so about tomorrow

Tomorrow afternoon I have my first real interview ever!

And I am so nervous.

I hope they see past my nerves. Or that I would get over them. Because I would really like a job.

If not, then I guess that's okay.

I've noticed that whenever something I want doesn't end up happening, that something better always comes along.


So I guess I shouldn't really be nervous then, should I?

Monday, August 16

yesterday my camera and I went for a walk

It was absolutely beautiful yesterday. I couldn't keep myself inside.
So I went on a date with my camera.

After our date I headed back to the apartment where one of my roommates and I decided we needed to bake cookies for our new upstairs neighbors. Our four new boy neighbors. We decided to leave the front door open so that the fresh baked cookie smell would waft up to their apartment.

I think our aprons made us feel extra domestic.

While we were making these cookies, we killed a bottle of chardonnay. Then burned the second batch.

The new neighbors were still grateful, crispy cookies and all. Their names are now written on the side of our fridge (I'm terrible with names, so I wrote them down and also drew some little doodles beside each name so as not to confuse them).

And that was my Sunday. For the most part. The highlights at least...

music for your Monday

So it seems like I've fallen short on my Monday music deal. Here's one of my favorite Jason Mraz songs for ya today, one of those that I could just listen to over and over again.

The kind where you take advantage of a rocking chair, staring into nothing.

Monday, August 9

what is it with boys and grocery stores?

Today I rode my bicycle over to the grocery store. The wind made my eyes all watery. The chill made my nose all red. And me feeling sick made me feel miserable.

But I needed tomato soup and goldfish crackers.

So that I could feel better.

I'm sure you can imagine me hopping off my bike, hair a mess, wheezing, and walking as fast as I could toward the soup aisle.

Campbell's tomato soup, success! Goldfish crackers, success! Milk to make my soup creamy... where is the milk in this store?

I find the milk. As I walk away from the milk cooler (I'm sure there's a more appropriate name, but it's not coming to me) I get hit on. By a very attractive boy.

What do I do? Squeak out the word "hey" (because doing anything other than squeaking is impossibly hard to do with my throat feeling the way it does) and walk as fast as I could towards the decongestant aisle.

Gosh darn you, boy. If only you would hit on me when I don't feel half dead.

I hope to meet you again at Safeway, same time next week. You know, when I don't feel disgusting.

In other news. Look what I made yesterday!

Crescent rolls with nutella goodness lurking inside. De-lish.

Sunday, August 8

sf botanical

Yesterday I went for a walk over to Golden Gate Park, which, lucky for me, is only a few blocks away. I have a feeling I'll be spending a lot of time there, it's so beautiful.

It was there I discovered that there's an upside to the overcast San Francisco days- perfect lighting for photography. Here's a few (okay, a lot) of my shots from walking around the botanical garden in the park.

Saturday, August 7


So I'm all moved in. I live in San Francisco now. How crazy is that?

Yeah. Hasn't hit me yet.

The only thing that has hit me is the cold. HOLY CRAP. The cold.