Monday, August 9

what is it with boys and grocery stores?

Today I rode my bicycle over to the grocery store. The wind made my eyes all watery. The chill made my nose all red. And me feeling sick made me feel miserable.

But I needed tomato soup and goldfish crackers.

So that I could feel better.

I'm sure you can imagine me hopping off my bike, hair a mess, wheezing, and walking as fast as I could toward the soup aisle.

Campbell's tomato soup, success! Goldfish crackers, success! Milk to make my soup creamy... where is the milk in this store?

I find the milk. As I walk away from the milk cooler (I'm sure there's a more appropriate name, but it's not coming to me) I get hit on. By a very attractive boy.

What do I do? Squeak out the word "hey" (because doing anything other than squeaking is impossibly hard to do with my throat feeling the way it does) and walk as fast as I could towards the decongestant aisle.

Gosh darn you, boy. If only you would hit on me when I don't feel half dead.

I hope to meet you again at Safeway, same time next week. You know, when I don't feel disgusting.

In other news. Look what I made yesterday!

Crescent rolls with nutella goodness lurking inside. De-lish.


  1. ooohh yuumm, that makes me want nutella realllly badly!

  2. hahaahahaha "nutella goodness lurking inside" NUTELLA IS THE BEST!!!!