Friday, August 20

dear scientists,
please invent something awesome that could turn our memories into movies so we could watch them over and over again without loosing any details. So that we could project them on a wall to share with all our friends because sometimes our words fail to accurately describe the scene we once saw.

dear homeless man,
that was not a baby on my shoulder. It was a grocery bag. I don't know how old it is.

dear man sitting next to me on bus today,
it's called deodorant. Try it sometime.

dear tourists,
the paths in the park are wide enough for all of us. Two people do not need to take up the entire width of the path. Don't make me break my stride.
Or I will break you.

dear sun,
thank you for making an appearance multiple times over the past three days. You've made me so happy.

dear park bench,
you are my favorite. Thank you for letting me lay on you today and stare up at the leaves of a most beautiful tree.

dear blackberry and vanilla custard tart,
you. Were. Amazing. I cherished every moment we shared together.

dear guys living above me,
what do you have up there? A pet rhinoceros?

and to my legs,
you are going to look amazing in heels if I keep running in the park everyday. Hooray!


  1. oh courtney,
    i sooooooo much understand the upstairs neighbor, pet rhinoceros thing.
    {says me, while man stomps above my head}
    worst part is, this guy is nocturnal, so he's relatively quiet in the day, but EVERY night, EVERY night, at 2 AM he's up stomping around, moving furniture or doing some crazy stomp stomp aerobics... so i usually wake up at 2 then at 4 AM then sometimes for good measure 6... seriously???

  2. heyyyy so i just clicked the "next blog" button, and yours came up, so i decided to read it :) im gonna go follow you now, because i think you're hilarious, and definitely worth it :D sooo just saying hi :)

  3. haha these are hilarious. i love little letters.