Thursday, December 30

happy birthday Pops

Another year closer to senior discounts.

He's pretty excited.

Last night, as I was looking into the mirror, all I saw was my dad. I have his crinkly eyes, his laugh lines, and his puffy nostrils. I have his humor and I have his habit of getting choked up when I'm talking about something or someone that matters to me. I have his love of ice cream. I have his extreme lack of patience for bad drivers. I have his ability to hold back when I have a really good zinger. And because of him, it's easy to laugh about things that most people get worked up about.

Not bad qualities to find when looking in the mirror.

Thanks for your good genes dad. Love you more than I could say.

Monday, December 20

music for your Monday

It's Christmas week! So let's celebrate with the musical stylings of Zee Avi.

Friday, December 17

it's beginning to look a little like Christmas

Immediately after getting home from my last final on Tuesday night, I grabbed our free/pathetic looking Christmas tree from the closet (were I had hidden it from myself in order to resist the urge to decorate it instead of study). And then my roommates and I decorated it with pretty little ornaments and lights and snowflakes and popcorn strands.

Man oh man, I love Christmas trees. I love walking home, looking up, and seeing it in our window. It looks pretty gosh darn good for a free fake tree.

And yes.
The ornaments are hung with dental floss.

I like to keep things classy.

Tuesday, December 14


After today I will stop using this blog as a complaining outlet in every. single. post.
Because really, complaining is not fun to read, it's only fun to write.
My bad.

aaah what am I doing on here?! Back to studying useless information, stat!

it's 2am

I am sitting at my desk.

I've written three and a half papers in two days.
I've just had my fifth bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
My eyes are glazed over like a maple donut.
There is Kleenex shoved up my nose because I am too tired to keep getting a new one.
I've got fifty flashcards splayed out before me and I can't remember why Le Corbusier was important or what the difference is between the Wiener Werkstatte and the Deutscher Werbund.

And yes, regardless of the context, typing "Wiener" at the two in the morning does make me giggle a little.

The day I have been dreading all semester is finally upon me. In less than six hours I will take an exam from a woman who delights in creating confusing questions with "choose the BEST answer" multiple choices. In eight and half hours my hands will feel like they are about to fall off from writing for a little old man who excels in crafting essay exams that make you change your opinion halfway through. Afterwards I will begin studying for and do my homework for my final exam, given by a woman who is so ineloquent (whoa, surprised to see that's actually a word, I guess spellcheck knew I was writing about her) that my brain literally goes numb every Tuesday evening from seven to ten pacific standard time, who failed to inform the class on what our final was to be on, because even she didn't know yet.

It's 2am on Tuesday morning.
And Wednesday could not come sooner.

In other news my roommate found a three foot tall artificial Christmas tree on the sidewalk today. Nothing like a free fake tree to get you into the Christmas spirit.*

*Tinsel included!

Monday, December 13

music for your Monday

I'm taking a break from my ridiculous finals cramming and essay writing
(just finished my third essay out of the four I started yesterday, and to top it ALL off, I'm sick and sound like an old lady with emphysema)
to share a little musical delight.

I despise today.
This song reminds me that things will be all better come Wednesday.

Thursday, December 9

The girl in the quiet space at school is the loudest typer I have ever laid ears on. She is attacking her keyboard so aggressively that I am imagining the keys softly weeping, begging for mercy.

The guy sitting next to me smells like wet dog.

And I have four hours to finish my essay.

I want it to be next Wednesday.

oh thank God. Keyboard abuser just packed her things.

Wednesday, December 8

oh geez oh geez

one of my papers is due tomorrow.

Have I started writing it? No.
Have I fully decided on the topic? Definitely (no, no I definitely have not).

Oh geez oh geez

Monday, December 6

music for your Monday. Mean reds style.

I've been in a bit of a funk lately. Creatively and personally.

So tonight after a long day of work I came home and listened to this song on repeat. It always calms me down. Because nothing is better than a little Audrey to help your mean reds.

Wednesday, December 1

hey Santa, just in case you were wondering

these are a few of the things I'd like to find
my stocking Christmas morning.

[1] Tartine Recipe Book Okay, so maybe I'll never bake anything in this book, but at least I can drool over the photos.
[2] Madewell Ice Cluster necklace Because it sparkles.
[3] J Crew leather tote A stylish alternative to my ugly backpack.
[4] Hunter rain boots Walking in the rain in canvas shoes is miserable. I'd much rather be splashing around in these.
[5] Benefit Eye Bright I love this stuff, right now the one I have is nothing but a little nub, its time to restock!
[6] EmersonMade Dahlia Clutch What wish list is complete without one of these adorable clutches?
[7] Paper Source Letter Holder Right now all my mail is sitting in piles on my desk. This would make things much prettier and way more organized.
[8] Anthro rug This would bring some great color into my room and hopefully wouldn't shed like the rug I have in there now.
[9] Baggu bag I don't know if I've professed my love for these on here yet. So... I LOVE THESE. I've already got three or four but I could always use more. They're these great nylon totes that fold up into practically nothing and fit oh so perfectly into my purse. Perfect for shopping, carrying laundry, anything! They make a great gift for friends and family, too, not just yourself (although I will admit, I bought a whole bunch last year and ended up keeping most of them for myself). And there are SO MANY colors to choose from!
[10] J Crew Puffer Jacket San Francisco breezes + rain = no fun without a hood or rain repellent jacket. This one covers all the bases.
[11] Camera Pencil Sharpener I've got a whole bunch of sparkly pencils that I can't use anymore since I don't have a pencil sharpener. This one would do the trick!
[12] Staedtler Pens My mom got these for me last Christmas, I love them so much that I want another set!

What are you all jonesing for this Christmas?

Tuesday, November 30

mrs. de alejandro

here's one of the bridesmaids and the bride.

I really just wanted to show you all my little vintage dress. Got it at a consignment store, couldn't get the zipper to work, took a chance and bought it without trying it on anyways. My mom took it back home with her, replaced the zipper, shipped it over, I tried it on and it fit perfectly! Magic I tell you. I got it in the mail the day before I left for the wedding so unfortunately I didn't get to wash it and I smelled like old lady.

So worth it.

Monday, November 29

music for your Monday

This video combines two things I love-

1) Donora's I Think I Like You


2) Hula hooping

My roommates think I'm crazy because I like to hula hoop in the living room. And in the kitchen. And down the hallway. With a janky hula hoop that I found at a little asian mart down the street for two dollars and nineteen cents. It's a horrible hula hoop.

But its purple.
And I love it.

Tuesday, November 23

going home

It's funny how you can visit so many amazing spots across the world but home is still the place where its at. There's just something about home that gives this instant relaxation and comfort. Can't wait.

The other day I had a long chat with my dad on the phone. I'm so thankful for my dad. I got a good one.

I'm also thankful for the washer and dryer at my parents house that doesn't make me feed it excessive amounts of quarters. As well as the pot roast, mashed potatoes and gravy that my mom is planning on making for dinner tonight. Oh and the lack of public transportation which means I get to drive my dad's truck and not have to rely on cranky bus drivers for a few days.

Yeah, home sounds good.

Monday, November 22

music for your Monday

Can't believe I never heard this song until last week, and then I heard it twice in two complete opposite places! Love it.

West Coast by Coconut Records.

Friday, November 19

life in SF

I wrote this a month ago.
And I don't know why I never hit the
publish post button.

So here you go. Delayed ramblings

right now there are four bags chock full of Halloween candy sitting next to me on my bed. So tempting. So so tempting.

In other news.

The Giants are in the World Series! Whaaattt?! I think I brought good luck to San Francisco by moving here. You're welcome SF. And all of you baseballers, if you're rooting for the Rangers, shame on you!

The night clerk at the liquor store up the block knows my name. As does the Amtrak man. As does my boss. This is the extent of people who know my name in San Francisco. Not including my roommates. I don't know how the liquor store clerk knows my name. It's not like I go there often... It's true though. I don't. Their ice cream is overpriced.

I think I may be the most responsible person in my apartment complex. Who takes out the trash on Wednesday nights and sorts the mail? When did I become an adult? Although, my lunch the other day that consisted of scrambled eggs, croutons, and m&m's might reflect differently. Hey, if you had to ride your bicycle fourteen blocks uphill you probably wouldn't frequent the grocery store that often either.

I have become the master procrastinator. Actually, that's not new. I perfected that skill many years ago.

Its funny to me that now I find making seventy five cents a day in tips is ridiculously exciting, when I used to bring in at least one hundred dollars a shift in tips at my old job. Oh how times have changed...

Until Halloween my roommate Lia and I are partaking in what we call Classy October. I'm not sure what all that entails. And I'm not sure why its only for October. We should probably keep it classy year round.

I bought a duvet cover online the other day. Yet I own no duvet to be covered..... Its pretty...

Things I have learned:

San Francisco weather is a bitch. So tempermental. One day freezing sopping wet, the next beautiful.

If you smile at the bus driver when they're driving up a lot of times they'll pull up and open the doors directly in front of you. Unless it's a woman driver. Those ones aren't so friendly.

Cupcake customers don't always appreciate sarcasm.

If you bake your upstairs neighbors a chocolate Guinness cake from scratch for their birthday they will love you forever. But they won't return your dish.

If I am working, it will be a beautiful day out. If I'm not, it's gonna be ugly and cold.

Clean clothes are overrated. If it smells okay, it's going back on the hanger.

Do not wear high heels for an afternoon of shopping. In the rain. Perhaps next time I should bring a rain repellent jacket, galoshes, and umbrella. If only I had any of those, let alone a jacket with a hood.

When you and one of your upstairs neighbors drunkenly kiss, things could be slightly awkward the next time you see him in the stairwell.

Aerosol air fresheners for the bathroom are a joke. Because no matter what, your roommate is going to know there was an unpleasant odor in there at some point. If you don't use they spray, they smell the funky smell. If you do, they smell the air freshener and know the funky smell is lurking behind it. Over share? Sorry. It's been on my mind.

Thursday, November 18

its that time again

umm, hello most perfect holiday dress EVER. *

Come and join the party in my closet.

*little did I know that scrolling down the page would lead to more beautiful party dresses. Gosh darn you cupcake salary. You make Anthro so unattainable.

Monday, November 15

music for your Monday

Today I listened to this song over and over on my walk to work. Because its good.

Saturday, November 13

back from Texas

Karen made a beautiful bride. Hopefully I'll post some more photos soon, right now I'm exhausted from a week of celebrating!

Tuesday, November 9

working on my 27 dresses

Tonight after class I'm off to Austin, Texas for my friend Karen's wedding! This will make bridesmaid gig number five, I think...

As I was writing her a special note I got to thinking about some of my favorite memories we've made together as friends. There's a lot for living in different states for the majority of our friendship.

Like when we road tripped to Los Angeles for the Price is Right and spent our time in my truck crooning along to Frank Sinatra, getting semis to honk their horns, pretending to be pilots, and chasing down a Little Debbie's delivery truck.

Or when we got kicked out of a hat store for having too much fun.

And the time when we got lost in San Francisco because Karen couldn't read the map and I couldn't read it while I was driving. The funny thing is that now I live right by where we ended up parking and watching the sunset by the ocean.

There's also all of the singing and dancing in the car time that we've accumulated. Every song must have motions.

The trick or treating. In high school. May I just say, it was all her idea.

And I'll never forget the time when she was eating Nerds candy and proclaimed "I love nerds!" and I made the mistake of saying "is that why you're dating Ethan?" Needless to say, Ethan is not the man she will be marrying this Friday (thank goodness, that could've made for an awkward toast).

The thing that makes Karen's wedding super special to me is the fact that we became friends over the fact that we loved weddings so much.

Well, that and the fact that she can do a spot on impersonation of Snow White.

That clinched it for me.

Monday, November 8

music for your Monday

on a Monday, imagine that!

So these are the Black Keys, I listened to their album Brothers nearly nonstop for two straight weeks. Not gonna lie, its good.

Not digging the violence in this video, but the music and the sharing of doughnuts from pockets makes up for it.

Wednesday, November 3

I don't think I ever shared this with you guys. Beautiful, right?
So inspires me to do something stop motion-y.

Monday, November 1

this city is electric right now

its an amazing time to be living in San Francisco.

Read this, couldn't have said it better myself.

Tonight, I came home from work, turned on the game, and watched the San Francisco Giants win the World Series. Compared to the other games, it was pretty unexciting, but afterwards, man oh man, was this city the greatest place to be. I might have done multiple happy dances. Up and down the street. And I might not have a voice tomorrow.

So worth it though.

Feels good to be a San Franciscan right now.

After the game my roommates and I headed out and only made it a block down the street, Giants fans had taken over an entire block, there was dancing, cheering, riding on hoods of cars trying to make it through the throngs of people, riding on the bike rack of city buses, a drummer, chanting, and victory champagne popped and splattered on everyone around. I got hugs and high fives from strangers, shouted back and forth in victory with neighbors I have never met, and watched a semi drive through the crowd with people hopping on it like it was normal to hitch a ride on the front.

Here's a taste:

Yes there is a man standing on the bike rack of the bus. And yes, that was a bottle rocket you heard at the end. Love it.

Amazing and so electric.

Can't wait to wear my Giants baseball hat when I fly into Texas next week for my friend Karen's wedding. Here's hoping I survive that trip : )

Wednesday, October 27


[paris, 2009]

Sometimes I think it would be nice to have long hair again.

Sometimes I think it would be nice to still live in Paris.

Sometimes I think it would be nice to not spend my entire paycheck on rent and groceries.

Sometimes I think it would be nice to have intelligent professors.

Sometimes I think it would be nice to not work in a cupcakery, surrounded by temptation and patrons who all ask the same questions. Over and over and over again.

Sometimes I think it would be nice to make friends easily.

Sometimes I think it would be nice to not have to depend on undependable public transportation.

But then, I think, I'm in a good place right now. I'm doing something different. I'm doing something for me. And that's nice too.

So it might be challenging and frustrating and ridiculous at times, but that's life, isn't it?

Monday, October 18

I want these. But I don't need these.

so I don't know if you've seen these prints by this guy Mico. They're pretty awesome. I want some. I found them here.

Sunday, October 17

what you've missed

A lot of work at the cupcake place.

A lot of school.

And then a few fun things in between.

Like weddings.

deanna. she was stunning.

carrie. such an adorable bride.

kimmy. jess. me. we like to dance.

And baseball games.

giants vs. dodgers

And Goodwill finds.

an awesome old suitcase.

And friends visiting.

kristina. me. brittany. danielle.

And roomie cocktail parties.

my lovely roomies.

And perpetually waiting for the bus.

not a fan.

Oh and my first kiss.
It was nice.

Tuesday, October 12

music for, like... the whole month of September...

my bad.

I'm sitting here waiting for the most agonizing class ever to start so I opened up my computer and headed to La Blogotheque. To find... they had just posted a video of the Morning Benders! Have you heard of them?

In the fall of 2008 they were my go-to album for the long drives to school. Not gonna lie, they're pretty fun to sing along to. And fun to run to. And fun to do lots of things to.

So here you have it, a much delayed music for your Monday post. On a Tuesday. In October. Because I'm lame and haven't had anytime for my blog friends, who I've missed. A lot.

p.s. I'm listening to it through my headphones as I type this. So I don't even know for sure if it's good all the way through, but then, how could it be bad?

Right? Right.

p.p.s. Holy crap it's over half an hour long. Wish class wasn't starting right now. Enjoy it for me!

Monday, September 13


are so confusing.

Yuck. I hate them.

At least for the moment.

Life has been a little hectic with the new job and school, I hope to get back to regular posting soon! So sorry.

Thursday, September 2

so about that interview a few weeks ago...

I guessed they liked me because they asked me back for a second interview.

And I knew they liked me when they hired me!

Yesterday was my first official day, and, although I am terrified to answer the phone, it went well!

So tomorrow I will head back for my position as a retail cupcake ambassador!

Major perk of the job:
I can eat as many cupcakes as I want while I'm on the clock. Most awesomest job ever? Perhaps!

I think my roommates are more excited about this job than I am- yesterday I brought home a big box full of cupcakes and we had a cupcake tasting party on the floor of our kitchen.

Aaah roomie bonding.

Monday, August 23

music for your Monday

Sophie Madeleine singing Take Your Love With Me

Sunday, August 22

sf street food festival

My roommates and I decided to make an afternoon of the San Francisco Street Food Festival. It was amazing and incredible and delicious. If I hadn't gotten so ridiculously full I would have never left.

[there were so many people, way overwhelming but completely worth it]

[vietnamese tacos]

[adobe chicken, eaten with a spoon, the meat fell right off the bone]

[figs wrapped in prosciutto... amazing]

[strawberry horchata]

[gourmet s'mores]

[this girl added a sweet little touch to her hat with a sprig of lavender]

[peach lemon verbena popsicle from BiRite, best popsicle ever]

[the end.]

Friday, August 20

dear scientists,
please invent something awesome that could turn our memories into movies so we could watch them over and over again without loosing any details. So that we could project them on a wall to share with all our friends because sometimes our words fail to accurately describe the scene we once saw.

dear homeless man,
that was not a baby on my shoulder. It was a grocery bag. I don't know how old it is.

dear man sitting next to me on bus today,
it's called deodorant. Try it sometime.

dear tourists,
the paths in the park are wide enough for all of us. Two people do not need to take up the entire width of the path. Don't make me break my stride.
Or I will break you.

dear sun,
thank you for making an appearance multiple times over the past three days. You've made me so happy.

dear park bench,
you are my favorite. Thank you for letting me lay on you today and stare up at the leaves of a most beautiful tree.

dear blackberry and vanilla custard tart,
you. Were. Amazing. I cherished every moment we shared together.

dear guys living above me,
what do you have up there? A pet rhinoceros?

and to my legs,
you are going to look amazing in heels if I keep running in the park everyday. Hooray!

Thursday, August 19

so about tomorrow

Tomorrow afternoon I have my first real interview ever!

And I am so nervous.

I hope they see past my nerves. Or that I would get over them. Because I would really like a job.

If not, then I guess that's okay.

I've noticed that whenever something I want doesn't end up happening, that something better always comes along.


So I guess I shouldn't really be nervous then, should I?

Monday, August 16

yesterday my camera and I went for a walk

It was absolutely beautiful yesterday. I couldn't keep myself inside.
So I went on a date with my camera.

After our date I headed back to the apartment where one of my roommates and I decided we needed to bake cookies for our new upstairs neighbors. Our four new boy neighbors. We decided to leave the front door open so that the fresh baked cookie smell would waft up to their apartment.

I think our aprons made us feel extra domestic.

While we were making these cookies, we killed a bottle of chardonnay. Then burned the second batch.

The new neighbors were still grateful, crispy cookies and all. Their names are now written on the side of our fridge (I'm terrible with names, so I wrote them down and also drew some little doodles beside each name so as not to confuse them).

And that was my Sunday. For the most part. The highlights at least...