Tuesday, December 14

it's 2am

I am sitting at my desk.

I've written three and a half papers in two days.
I've just had my fifth bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
My eyes are glazed over like a maple donut.
There is Kleenex shoved up my nose because I am too tired to keep getting a new one.
I've got fifty flashcards splayed out before me and I can't remember why Le Corbusier was important or what the difference is between the Wiener Werkstatte and the Deutscher Werbund.

And yes, regardless of the context, typing "Wiener" at the two in the morning does make me giggle a little.

The day I have been dreading all semester is finally upon me. In less than six hours I will take an exam from a woman who delights in creating confusing questions with "choose the BEST answer" multiple choices. In eight and half hours my hands will feel like they are about to fall off from writing for a little old man who excels in crafting essay exams that make you change your opinion halfway through. Afterwards I will begin studying for and do my homework for my final exam, given by a woman who is so ineloquent (whoa, surprised to see that's actually a word, I guess spellcheck knew I was writing about her) that my brain literally goes numb every Tuesday evening from seven to ten pacific standard time, who failed to inform the class on what our final was to be on, because even she didn't know yet.

It's 2am on Tuesday morning.
And Wednesday could not come sooner.

In other news my roommate found a three foot tall artificial Christmas tree on the sidewalk today. Nothing like a free fake tree to get you into the Christmas spirit.*

*Tinsel included!


  1. compliments to your roommate who found the tree on the sidewalk. I think a little of my junkin' spirit was left behind in a San Francisco apartment!!

  2. haha maple donut!
    mmm.. maple donut...

    anyway, wednesday is now over so... yay, life has meaning again!! :) i hope you did well!

    and i'm not sure if you watched seinfeld, but since it is the holiday season and all, i've been relating eeeverything back to the Festivus episode. so after your tinsel comment i said aloud, (and to myself) "i find tinsel distracting" hehe and i laughed as i typed it... it's 1am i need sleep and this comment just keeps getting weirder. -- this will be even more weird if you've never seen the episode and have no idea what i'm talking about...

  3. Hope all your exams and essays went well! Hope you have a lovely Christmas!