Wednesday, December 1

hey Santa, just in case you were wondering

these are a few of the things I'd like to find
my stocking Christmas morning.

[1] Tartine Recipe Book Okay, so maybe I'll never bake anything in this book, but at least I can drool over the photos.
[2] Madewell Ice Cluster necklace Because it sparkles.
[3] J Crew leather tote A stylish alternative to my ugly backpack.
[4] Hunter rain boots Walking in the rain in canvas shoes is miserable. I'd much rather be splashing around in these.
[5] Benefit Eye Bright I love this stuff, right now the one I have is nothing but a little nub, its time to restock!
[6] EmersonMade Dahlia Clutch What wish list is complete without one of these adorable clutches?
[7] Paper Source Letter Holder Right now all my mail is sitting in piles on my desk. This would make things much prettier and way more organized.
[8] Anthro rug This would bring some great color into my room and hopefully wouldn't shed like the rug I have in there now.
[9] Baggu bag I don't know if I've professed my love for these on here yet. So... I LOVE THESE. I've already got three or four but I could always use more. They're these great nylon totes that fold up into practically nothing and fit oh so perfectly into my purse. Perfect for shopping, carrying laundry, anything! They make a great gift for friends and family, too, not just yourself (although I will admit, I bought a whole bunch last year and ended up keeping most of them for myself). And there are SO MANY colors to choose from!
[10] J Crew Puffer Jacket San Francisco breezes + rain = no fun without a hood or rain repellent jacket. This one covers all the bases.
[11] Camera Pencil Sharpener I've got a whole bunch of sparkly pencils that I can't use anymore since I don't have a pencil sharpener. This one would do the trick!
[12] Staedtler Pens My mom got these for me last Christmas, I love them so much that I want another set!

What are you all jonesing for this Christmas?

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