Monday, March 21


I just took a test on the NY Times website on distractibility. According to my test results, I can handle several levels of distractions without actually being distracted. 

So how is that ONE test in the sidebar of the NY Times website distracted me from doing the completely unrelated research I was supposed to be doing for my paper? 

And now I'm blogging. Oh the irony...

Feeling pretty good about myself. At twenty four I have outsmarted a test on the NY Times. 

Because heaven knows my true distractibility score is very VERY low. 

music for your Monday

This song makes me want summer. Not that I didn't want summer already... 

Thursday, March 17

lucky me

any holiday that promotes my favorite color and sitting down for a drink with friends is alright by me

... so in celebration I've decided to skip my first class

Let's talk about pinchers for a bit.
You know... the over zealous pinchers. 
Who search for green and upon finding their victim is without
pinch the smithereens out of them.
I think these people should suffer.
Those sadistic folks who come out to torture and tease on St. Patrick's Day.

Then again 
if you're not wearing green
what can I say.

You had it coming. 

Monday, March 14


best friends that come to visit for a stress relieving day full of lots of food and laughter. Needed that one.

Monday, March 7

music for your Monday

I might maybe may have had a dance party with myself on Saturday morning to this song.

Okay, yesterday too.

Sunday, March 6

I pledge

To never steal my future husband's manhood by making him carry my purse.

That's all.