Saturday, April 25

see look. I'm not conceited.

Some old some new. Nothing borrowed. Pretty sure nothing blue.
(oh boy am I in wedding mode or what)
Just some old portraits of people I love.

That's my friend Taylor above. The one getting married (among many). It was one of my studio shots that I didn't end up using but loved. This photograph makes me happy.

This is Karen. She's one day older than me. One of my first attempts at color film back in 2006 or something. We snuck into a fancy restaurant's back patio.

LJ. By far one of the coolest 2 year olds. We played pretend swords complete with sound effects. As he would say (as he is stabbing me in the knee cap)- "yaaw!"

My brother Kyle. Can't you just feel the love radiate?

It's funny. Even though high school was four years ago and when we hang out there's never any other Katies anymore, I still call her Katie A. Studio shoot fall of 07.

Paige has got the most adorable unguarded smile I've come across. This snapshot makes me happy too.

Friday, April 24

self portrait

I hope this doesn't come across as conceited, but I like to take self portraits. Not because I think I'm great looking (trust me, that's not the case), it's just that I love taking photos of people. But sometimes it's hard getting someone to open up and really feel comfortable in front of my lens. That's something I'm working on. So until I can get someone to do that, I'll just practice on myself! If anyone has some tips on working with people, I'd totally appreciate it.

here comes the bride

and she'll be walking down 2 more aisles. Okay- here's the scoop. One of my very best friends is getting married in Paris. In two weeks! But her marriage license would not be okay in the good ol' US of A if the legal I do's were held in France. So yesterday we headed over to the County Clerks office for a small ceremony- so now she is officially an old married woman. However, that's really only in the law's eyes. Because she and her main squeeze (by the way, why do they say "main squeeze"? I mean, if there's a "main" squeeze there must be a secondary squeeze. And that's just not okay in my book) are going to have an amazingly beautiful wedding in Paris, the city of light and love and that is when the marital bliss begins. THEN a month later... she's holding a ceremony back home for her family and friends who couldn't make it out to Paris. I'm pretty sure this is the most dragged out wedding ever. And I cannot wait!!! I will most definitely be posting some of photos after the wedding. Here's a few from last night!

bride & groom

mother of the bride & beaming bride

those county clerks. They tried to add some ambience. Bless their pea pickin' hearts.

we make a fabulous pair of friends.

Sunday, April 12

down with Easter

Like every other 22 year old college student, I have a facebook. And I read the status updates. Today my friend said "I celebrate bunnies, not Jesus." Which is funny, because a few days ago my dad killed a few cottontails.

And they're still dead.

Why would you celebrate something that hasn't risen from the dead when you could celebrate Jesus, who did?


That said, here's a few snaps I took today!

Grandma's old clock, I'm sure if you took it down you'd find the original color of her walls in it's place. It's been there for-ev-er.

Even though she's just shy of 89, Grandma still likes to get out and garden.

Some dog in Gma's back yard.

I told Grandma her sweet peas smelled good. Next thing I know she's cutting me a bouquet to take home.

Aaah. I love how flowers can brighten up the corners of my room.

Saturday, April 11



One of my best friends is getting married in Paris in less than a month. Paris! My city. And I get to be a bridesmaid.

I am SOOO lucky. Watch out Rue de la Huchette. I'm coming back and eating all your crepes.

Friday, April 10

sometimes looking back can be

depressing and then eye-opening. Last year was definitely the best year of my life thus far. Earlier, I realized that a year ago today I was landing in Marrakech, Morocco and was embarking on one of the craziest adventures ever. A few highlights:

-getting lost countless times in the medina
-my friend getting bit by a gypsy monkey
-getting my first massage ever by a strange Moroccan man in a dark room (okay, that was just uncomfortable)
-going for a camel ride
-being called a Spice Girl by all the locals
-eating unidentifiable foods
-crazy taxi rides
-amazing flea markets
-the same man who would pop up every time we got lost. He'd just show up out of nowhere and guide us in the right direction, pretty awesome.

I mean, I leave that life and come home to living with my parents, which isn't all that bad, but not near as exciting. Depressing, right?

But then I think- why does last year have to be the best year? Isn't that up to me? Why can't this year be the best year? So I've decided that from now on out, every year is going to be the best year thus far of my life, because it's up to me to top every last year I've ever had. And I am so insanely stoked to do that. But I'm running out of time because almost half the year is gone.

Oh snap!

Monday, April 6


My parents and I made a trek to the Alameda Flea Market just outside of San Francisco. Six hours later I left with a pretty chalkboard, shell coasters, the letter "n", an old key, a few old photos, flour containers, and a triangle shaped sunburn on the left side of my forehead. Thanks bangs.