Saturday, April 25

see look. I'm not conceited.

Some old some new. Nothing borrowed. Pretty sure nothing blue.
(oh boy am I in wedding mode or what)
Just some old portraits of people I love.

That's my friend Taylor above. The one getting married (among many). It was one of my studio shots that I didn't end up using but loved. This photograph makes me happy.

This is Karen. She's one day older than me. One of my first attempts at color film back in 2006 or something. We snuck into a fancy restaurant's back patio.

LJ. By far one of the coolest 2 year olds. We played pretend swords complete with sound effects. As he would say (as he is stabbing me in the knee cap)- "yaaw!"

My brother Kyle. Can't you just feel the love radiate?

It's funny. Even though high school was four years ago and when we hang out there's never any other Katies anymore, I still call her Katie A. Studio shoot fall of 07.

Paige has got the most adorable unguarded smile I've come across. This snapshot makes me happy too.

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