Friday, April 10

sometimes looking back can be

depressing and then eye-opening. Last year was definitely the best year of my life thus far. Earlier, I realized that a year ago today I was landing in Marrakech, Morocco and was embarking on one of the craziest adventures ever. A few highlights:

-getting lost countless times in the medina
-my friend getting bit by a gypsy monkey
-getting my first massage ever by a strange Moroccan man in a dark room (okay, that was just uncomfortable)
-going for a camel ride
-being called a Spice Girl by all the locals
-eating unidentifiable foods
-crazy taxi rides
-amazing flea markets
-the same man who would pop up every time we got lost. He'd just show up out of nowhere and guide us in the right direction, pretty awesome.

I mean, I leave that life and come home to living with my parents, which isn't all that bad, but not near as exciting. Depressing, right?

But then I think- why does last year have to be the best year? Isn't that up to me? Why can't this year be the best year? So I've decided that from now on out, every year is going to be the best year thus far of my life, because it's up to me to top every last year I've ever had. And I am so insanely stoked to do that. But I'm running out of time because almost half the year is gone.

Oh snap!

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