Sunday, April 12

down with Easter

Like every other 22 year old college student, I have a facebook. And I read the status updates. Today my friend said "I celebrate bunnies, not Jesus." Which is funny, because a few days ago my dad killed a few cottontails.

And they're still dead.

Why would you celebrate something that hasn't risen from the dead when you could celebrate Jesus, who did?


That said, here's a few snaps I took today!

Grandma's old clock, I'm sure if you took it down you'd find the original color of her walls in it's place. It's been there for-ev-er.

Even though she's just shy of 89, Grandma still likes to get out and garden.

Some dog in Gma's back yard.

I told Grandma her sweet peas smelled good. Next thing I know she's cutting me a bouquet to take home.

Aaah. I love how flowers can brighten up the corners of my room.

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