Thursday, September 2

so about that interview a few weeks ago...

I guessed they liked me because they asked me back for a second interview.

And I knew they liked me when they hired me!

Yesterday was my first official day, and, although I am terrified to answer the phone, it went well!

So tomorrow I will head back for my position as a retail cupcake ambassador!

Major perk of the job:
I can eat as many cupcakes as I want while I'm on the clock. Most awesomest job ever? Perhaps!

I think my roommates are more excited about this job than I am- yesterday I brought home a big box full of cupcakes and we had a cupcake tasting party on the floor of our kitchen.

Aaah roomie bonding.


  1. That sounds like the most rad job ever! Congrats!

  2. cupcaaaaakes!

    what a great smelling place to work...
    i don't know why the aroma just made me more excited than the taste..?

  3. i just saw this! congrats on the job! pretty sure i would gain 20 lbs working around cupcakes, haha.

    ps. i'm terrified of answering phones, too! i think we all have a small fear of it. ;)

  4. Cupcake party on the floor!? Um, amazing!!!