Tuesday, November 9

working on my 27 dresses

Tonight after class I'm off to Austin, Texas for my friend Karen's wedding! This will make bridesmaid gig number five, I think...

As I was writing her a special note I got to thinking about some of my favorite memories we've made together as friends. There's a lot for living in different states for the majority of our friendship.

Like when we road tripped to Los Angeles for the Price is Right and spent our time in my truck crooning along to Frank Sinatra, getting semis to honk their horns, pretending to be pilots, and chasing down a Little Debbie's delivery truck.

Or when we got kicked out of a hat store for having too much fun.

And the time when we got lost in San Francisco because Karen couldn't read the map and I couldn't read it while I was driving. The funny thing is that now I live right by where we ended up parking and watching the sunset by the ocean.

There's also all of the singing and dancing in the car time that we've accumulated. Every song must have motions.

The trick or treating. In high school. May I just say, it was all her idea.

And I'll never forget the time when she was eating Nerds candy and proclaimed "I love nerds!" and I made the mistake of saying "is that why you're dating Ethan?" Needless to say, Ethan is not the man she will be marrying this Friday (thank goodness, that could've made for an awkward toast).

The thing that makes Karen's wedding super special to me is the fact that we became friends over the fact that we loved weddings so much.

Well, that and the fact that she can do a spot on impersonation of Snow White.

That clinched it for me.

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