Friday, November 19

life in SF

I wrote this a month ago.
And I don't know why I never hit the
publish post button.

So here you go. Delayed ramblings

right now there are four bags chock full of Halloween candy sitting next to me on my bed. So tempting. So so tempting.

In other news.

The Giants are in the World Series! Whaaattt?! I think I brought good luck to San Francisco by moving here. You're welcome SF. And all of you baseballers, if you're rooting for the Rangers, shame on you!

The night clerk at the liquor store up the block knows my name. As does the Amtrak man. As does my boss. This is the extent of people who know my name in San Francisco. Not including my roommates. I don't know how the liquor store clerk knows my name. It's not like I go there often... It's true though. I don't. Their ice cream is overpriced.

I think I may be the most responsible person in my apartment complex. Who takes out the trash on Wednesday nights and sorts the mail? When did I become an adult? Although, my lunch the other day that consisted of scrambled eggs, croutons, and m&m's might reflect differently. Hey, if you had to ride your bicycle fourteen blocks uphill you probably wouldn't frequent the grocery store that often either.

I have become the master procrastinator. Actually, that's not new. I perfected that skill many years ago.

Its funny to me that now I find making seventy five cents a day in tips is ridiculously exciting, when I used to bring in at least one hundred dollars a shift in tips at my old job. Oh how times have changed...

Until Halloween my roommate Lia and I are partaking in what we call Classy October. I'm not sure what all that entails. And I'm not sure why its only for October. We should probably keep it classy year round.

I bought a duvet cover online the other day. Yet I own no duvet to be covered..... Its pretty...

Things I have learned:

San Francisco weather is a bitch. So tempermental. One day freezing sopping wet, the next beautiful.

If you smile at the bus driver when they're driving up a lot of times they'll pull up and open the doors directly in front of you. Unless it's a woman driver. Those ones aren't so friendly.

Cupcake customers don't always appreciate sarcasm.

If you bake your upstairs neighbors a chocolate Guinness cake from scratch for their birthday they will love you forever. But they won't return your dish.

If I am working, it will be a beautiful day out. If I'm not, it's gonna be ugly and cold.

Clean clothes are overrated. If it smells okay, it's going back on the hanger.

Do not wear high heels for an afternoon of shopping. In the rain. Perhaps next time I should bring a rain repellent jacket, galoshes, and umbrella. If only I had any of those, let alone a jacket with a hood.

When you and one of your upstairs neighbors drunkenly kiss, things could be slightly awkward the next time you see him in the stairwell.

Aerosol air fresheners for the bathroom are a joke. Because no matter what, your roommate is going to know there was an unpleasant odor in there at some point. If you don't use they spray, they smell the funky smell. If you do, they smell the air freshener and know the funky smell is lurking behind it. Over share? Sorry. It's been on my mind.


  1. Oh Courtney - so good to have you back. Thanks for a little laughter on this Friday morning.

  2. Oh, I am SUCH a procrastinator too! I'm working on my college apps and Oh MAN it takes forever to get me going... so sad. And haha, maybe we need a little more explanation with your second to last learning experience? Haha, hope your day is good (it's pouring here, unfortunately) and that you stay warm and cozy!