Tuesday, October 12

music for, like... the whole month of September...

my bad.

I'm sitting here waiting for the most agonizing class ever to start so I opened up my computer and headed to La Blogotheque. To find... they had just posted a video of the Morning Benders! Have you heard of them?

In the fall of 2008 they were my go-to album for the long drives to school. Not gonna lie, they're pretty fun to sing along to. And fun to run to. And fun to do lots of things to.

So here you have it, a much delayed music for your Monday post. On a Tuesday. In October. Because I'm lame and haven't had anytime for my blog friends, who I've missed. A lot.

p.s. I'm listening to it through my headphones as I type this. So I don't even know for sure if it's good all the way through, but then, how could it be bad?

Right? Right.

p.p.s. Holy crap it's over half an hour long. Wish class wasn't starting right now. Enjoy it for me!


  1. Welcome back Courtney - we've missed you too! And the Morning Benders are awesome!

  2. Courtney!!!!
    i was going to email you here soon to hurry you back!
    we really have missed you!

  3. oh and yes..
    the morning benders are pheeenonminal

  4. I always need new music so I will check this out. Thanks! x