Monday, August 16

yesterday my camera and I went for a walk

It was absolutely beautiful yesterday. I couldn't keep myself inside.
So I went on a date with my camera.

After our date I headed back to the apartment where one of my roommates and I decided we needed to bake cookies for our new upstairs neighbors. Our four new boy neighbors. We decided to leave the front door open so that the fresh baked cookie smell would waft up to their apartment.

I think our aprons made us feel extra domestic.

While we were making these cookies, we killed a bottle of chardonnay. Then burned the second batch.

The new neighbors were still grateful, crispy cookies and all. Their names are now written on the side of our fridge (I'm terrible with names, so I wrote them down and also drew some little doodles beside each name so as not to confuse them).

And that was my Sunday. For the most part. The highlights at least...


  1. Hopefully the new neighbors are cute and then you could go on a date with one of them and then your camera could be the third wheel!

  2. oh God, these photos are heaven.