Thursday, April 1

oh, you'll like this one.


Last night Gerard Butler was my boyfriend.

Which should be nice enough right?

Oh no. No, no. It gets better.

He hands me this huge tupperware, tells me to hold it out. When I ask why we're standing in front of a building holding tupperware out, he tells me in his Scottish accent that the building is a bakery and he's planted explosives so that the building will blow up and send all the baked goods flying.

Hence the tupperware.

To catch the baked goods. And then flee the scene of the crime.

To which I reply- "why didn't I think of that?!"

I don't know how my brain comes up with these things while I'm sleeping.


  1. haha I don't know how my brain works either while I sleep but it's definetly an adventure... while i'm sleeping, and that's pretty cool.

  2. HAHAHAHA! I'd kill for a dream a like that! Reminds me of the week my mind spent deluding me into thinking I was married to Patrick Dempsey lol