Wednesday, April 28

my weekend spill-eth over

In an effort to save money for the unknown of next fall in San Francisco, I've put a serious freeze on my spending and, unfortunately, my social life. But this weekend I put that all behind and let loose a little.

Saturday morning began early, with a little garage sale shopping in the Fabulous Forties and Land Park. My mom and I prefer to go to the older, classier neighborhoods of Sacramento because they usually have the better junk. I scored big time on this trip. I think I only spent ten dollars but I got loads of stuff.

Like fancy napkins, new curtains, a few cool jars, confetti to trash my friend's getaway car after her wedding that night.

And the highlight? A working Kodak Brownie Hawkeye camera for three bucks.

Then my mom and I treated ourselves to scones at Freeport Bakery and a bouquet of ranunculus at the local market. It was the perfect Saturday morning out.

When I got home I made the getaway car decorations (sorry, I was terrible at remembering to take photos the entire wedding, projects included) then hopped in the shower, gave myself a haircut (I think it looks kinda even), and threw on my dress.

The wedding was so beautiful, and I've never seen Katie look so radiant. It was at her parent's home out here in the country, and as her dad said in his toast later that night, it was extra special because that had been where so many important and memorable moments in Katie's life had taken place.

Most of my friends were attendants in the wedding, but thankfully, a few old guy friends from elementary school came. I don't think I've ever laughed so much at a wedding. Guys are the best.

a few of us elementary school kids and the bride
(totally stole this photo from someone's facebook)

The wedding went by so quickly, too fast for some of us, so we headed down the street to the maid of honor's house to continue the party. We had a midnight barbeque, completely roasted ourselves in the hot tub, laughed about elementary school days, and after everyone else had passed out, one of the guys and I stayed up talking until 6:30 in the morning. You know, it's funny, I grew up with him in school, we had a lot of the same friends, but I never actually knew him. Turns out he's pretty much the guy version of me.

Strange how you can be around someone for so long, but never actually know them.

Once the sun started coming up we decided it was probably time to get a little rest. An hour later I woke up, drove people home, showered, and headed to church.

Spent an hour on the phone with another friend getting married, discussing colors and venues. Then met up with a friend to buy our bridesmaid shoes for a wedding we're in next month.

Finally, around five, I completely passed out on the couch, waking only for Desperate Housewives and spring rolls.

And then, Monday morning I woke up and drove to Chico to play frisbee and swing in the park with my old friend, Dylan.

my bug splattered window on the drive up to Chico

Great day.

Great weekend.

Life is good.

don't you like how I made it seem like I actually have a life? Pretty good, I know.

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  1. Yay, you're going to be in San Francisco! You'll love it here! :) Perhaps we'll run into each other.