Sunday, April 4

and a happy Easter to you

When I was a little girl, every Easter my family would drive up to my Auntie Margaret and Uncle Ed's home that was nestled in the foothills. Auntie Margaret would boil eggs and then dye them every year, hiding them so well that sometimes it felt we were looking for hours. I swear, no one can dye an egg like Auntie Marg could. They were boiled eggs of art.

And then, my absolute favorite part of Easter, was the walk. The women would stay at the house and gab while cleaning up, while the men went for a walk through the neighborhood and let the kids tag along. The air always felt crisp and fresh, the dalmatian down the street would always come to greet us, and I always got to hold Grandpa's hand.

Unfortunately as I've grown older, these traditions have died along with the people who started them. I think though, that this year, this year I'm bringing back the neighborhood walk. It may not be the same neighborhood, and there may not be anyone walking but me, but I'll be walking. For Uncle Ed and for Grandpa.

And for my Easter traditions.

a few Easter photos from last year




There's one tradition that hasn't died though. And that's laughter. The best tradition of all.

I hope you all have a lovely Easter Sunday!


  1. Happy Easter!
    This is an adorable post. I love the pictures!

  2. Laughter is my absolute favorite thing about holiday gatherings. :)

  3. oh, gorgeous. congratulations on taking that walk.