Monday, April 12

I am brilliant.

Jesus' blood (also known as grape juice from communion) on my white converse.

A whole lot of green paint on my carpet.

Can't wait to find out what I spill tomorrow.
I'm sure my parents are just beaming with pride over the graceful young woman I've become.


  1. when my little sister was 2 or 3 she got hold of a bottle of red nail polish and dumped it all over my carpet. I'm sure that is worse than your paint :) There was no way to get it out except try to cut it off, so for years there was an uneven reddish hard crunchy splotch in my room, and when we sold the house we had to allow for a carpet replacement in the offer.

  2. sounds like me... i spill coffee on myself every morning. no exaggeration.

    ps. when you get a chance you should stop by my blog... there's a little somthin' for you in today's post! ;)

  3. funny! Just wait until you have kids. You'll be out with friends and won't even notice the drool stain all over your cute new top. It's great! Cute blog!

    nicole visiting from