Wednesday, April 21

cheep cheep

The sound of baby chicks chirping has been a constant in our house since Saturday when my mom got eight new chicks.
They are seriously the most adorable little things I've ever seen. Especially when they fall asleep in your hands.
I named this one Zelda.

Don't tell the other chicks, but she's my favorite.

my mom and Zelda


  1. There is nothing quite as cute as a little chick. It's strange that they turn so, well, chicken-y! I've never been one to find a chicken cute.

    Do you guys raise chickens?

  2. So precious!
    however, as cute as they are, my opinions of chicks are tainted since one pooped in my hand when i was 11...

  3. Sarah- my mom has a few chickens. She's becoming, how do I say it... The Crazy Chicken Lady. They all have names. It's really quite entertaining/troubling, haha.