Saturday, April 24

her favorite color is green.

And she's getting married. Today.

Exciting! I've had the awesome honor of knowing Katie A. since elementary school. You know, it's funny. There were so many Katies at our school, so they always came with a last initial. And now, long after our school days, it doesn't matter if she is the only Katie around, we still call her Katie A.

This week I realized that after tonight she will no longer be Katie A.

Which is kinda bittersweet.


from a little photo shoot we did in the studio a few years ago

So, a little drama (at least as dramatic as my life gets).

I asked to have her wedding off work over a month ago. Found someone to cover for me. Didn't ask for any other nights off so that I wouldn't ruin my chances of getting this night off.

Then two other people come along and ask for the night off.

Basically. I asked for it off first but because it was not for another job or for a mandatory school thing I was the one who ended up being put back on the schedule.

So I made a backup plan and worked out a deal with my boss. To go to the ceremony, then leave for work, be hostess instead of server, only work while it's busy, then leave and return to the wedding.

Not too shabby.

And although getting jipped should piss me off (which, I won't lie, I was) I've come to realize that it's just not worth it.

I've also come to realize that I will only be working there for two and a half more months. And then I'll be moving to San Francisco.


So don't wait up for me tonight, I'll be kicking off wedding season right. Watching Katie come down the aisle, seeing the first married smooch, laughing it up around the table with the boys from kindergarten, then hiding under the table during the bouquet toss, and decorating a getaway golf cart.

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