Monday, April 19

music for your Monday

So this guy, Rocky Votolato, is pretty cool. Last summer, my friend Katie invited me over to her place to see him play a house show. Apparently, he and his wife were traveling all down the west coast performing shows in his fan's living rooms. It was definitely one of the coolest, most intimate concerts I've ever been to. He ended up playing to about twenty of us in her backyard around a fire pit, with all the farm animals making their farm animal noises in the background.

Like I said, pretty cool.

This song is from one of his older albums, but he just came out with a new one in... February? It's a good one. Music you can turn on and just chill out to. Check him out!

P.S. Another song I really like from this album is "Portland is Leaving"


  1. this music is so pretty!! now obsessed. thanks for sharing :)

  2. yay! i was looking for some more "driving music"... i think i may have found it!! :)