Wednesday, July 8

Latest Card Creations

I just recently went to the movies with my friend Dylan and his little sister, Sommer, whose birthday party I went to a few years back although I'm not that close with her. I had made her a card using some of my favorite paper (yes, I have a hard time parting with paper) and I was pretty pleased with it. The thing with me and cards is, I spend so much time on them making sure they look okay and match the personality of the person who is going to receive them, so that after spending an hour or so creating them, I always wonder what happens to them after I give them away. Well Sommer told me she was doing some cleaning in her room and came across the card I gave her. She told me she usually throws cards away but she kept mine because it was one of the coolest cards she's ever gotten. Aaah best feeling ever!!! My time was not wasted!

I don't think I've ever agonized over such a simple card before. I made it for my favorite customers that come into the restaurant I work at, they've been coming in since I started 6 years ago, and I just recently discovered that Mr. Sparks is in the final stages of cancer. So I made them a card and mailed it off. But first I wanted to make sure it was perfect for them.

This was for my friend Pablo, I decided he needed to receive an awesome random card in the mail. We had just been talking about how many O's there were in his name, so I made that the theme. The inside is a message that's randomly scattered, and I numbered them so that it wouldn't take forever to read.

This was a quick make, I realized that day that I STILL hadn't made a birthday card for my old friend Heidi, and her birthday was that day, so I at least wanted to get it postmarked on the right day!

I made this one for Linda at work, she recently had surgery. I was very excited while I was making this because I remembered that I own spray adhesive now, so I didn't have to worry about glue lines behind the vellum flower I drew!

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