Tuesday, July 28

Tomorrow my new friend Brittany and I are going on an adventure into San Francisco! I love that city, I have so many memories of day escapes there with different friends. One time I went with my friend Kristie and we were photographed by a creepy guy in a car and then later got on the wrong BART train and ended up in Oakland. When I went with my friend Dylan he and I got completely lost and a man very rudely refused to give us directions. Another time I went with my friend Erin and her boyfriend, who decided we should eat at $5.99 All You Can Eat Dim Sum. He then proceeded to pile the nastiest looking things they served there onto our plates. After we sat down we began to see signs inconspicuously placed everywhere that basically said if you don't finish everything on your plate there's a $5.99 waste charge. Then there were these two ladies standing at the front and the back of the restaurant watching every single customer like a hawk. It was a little frightening. Not to mention one of the dishes that Donnie put on my plate that I lovingly described as looking like roadkill served for dinner that the dog stole off the table and then threw up. I did finish everything on my plate though! Just promise me you won't ever go to $5.99 All You Can Eat Dim Sum on Washington Street in Chinatown! And then of course there was the time Karen and I went down for a day and ended up getting a little lost (it's not my fault my friends can't read maps. Whenever I drive and I hand them the map they always give up in the end. What's up with that anyways? I love to read maps. It's like a treasure hunt!) but we made our way to a beautiful deserted beach at sunset. When my cousin Robby and I went in January we spent practically all day going around the city and finding different gelato shops.

I love visiting San Francisco and I love the random things that always happen.

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