Monday, August 27

music for your Monday

When my friend Lia and I were in Nashville two months ago, we went to the Ryman to watch Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. This band, He's My Brother, She's My Sister, opened for Edward Sharpe. I became an instant fan. Lucky for me a few weeks after I got back home to San Francisco, they were playing at a local bar. This, my friends, is a big deal. I hardly ever go to shows.

This time instead of being up on a balcony I was right in front. They're a great band to see live, especially to see the drummer, Lauren. Watch the videos closely. She stands on the drum and tap dances the beat while banging away with her arms. I mean, really, how much more badass can a girl be while still being completely adorable? She's my new hero.

Also, my mom randomly picked up a beautiful old tambourine for me at some garage sale the same day I saw this show in Nashville. Don't you think for one second that I won't be wearing long flowing dresses and pretending to be Rachel when all the blinds are closed.

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