Monday, October 8

the glad game

This past month in my life could probably, extremely likely, most definitely be described as... mopey. I had my ultimate mope-down last Thursday. It involved the angry throwing of clothes behind closed doors, silent shouts of profanity (we all do that, right? Right?), long aimless walks that end in plopping down in the dirt, and using fallen tree branches to hit other things in nature, like: berry bushes, small bodies of water, dead trees, the ground.

Sometimes life doesn't go how we think it will. But then that's when I remember that Hey. This is my life. And I am solely responsible for my own happiness.

I often forget that I am the reason for my own unhappiness. And that I can just as easily be happy.

So. In an effort to retreat from my most recent poor attitude towards life, whenever something gets me down, I'm going to find something that kicks that unhappiness in the ass. Because being unhappy is a waste of any part of my twenty four hours.

Okay. Have you read the book or seen the movie Pollyanna? Well, I like Polly even more. Polly is Disney's 1989 remake of Pollyanna. You guys. There's musical numbers with Keisha Knight Pulliam and Phylicia Rashad (you know who I'm talking about. Mrs. Huxtable AND Rudy Huxtable). Winning!

Back to the point.

Polly faces all kinds of hardships. Her poor missionary parents die, and she's shipped off to live with an aunt she's never met. Let me tell you, this lady is a sourpuss. Beautiful, rich, and bitchy. A common and unpleasant combination I've seen in a lot women. Anyways, the town she moves to, Harrington, is segregated, frustrated, feeling down and full of a whole lot of bitterness.

WELL. In comes little Polly. Nothing gets this kid down. She plays what's called "The Glad Game." You think of something glad and hang your hopes high on that. No matter what happens, there's always something to be glad for. Because of this movie, I've always told people to do just that. But sometimes you have to remember to practice what you preach. So. Now I'm going to be thinking of some glad things. And those little things that bring me  joy.

When the lining with the scalloped edges peeks out from under my funny little dress. That brings me joy. I mean, the lining IS why I bought the dress to begin with. I love little hidden details like that.

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