Tuesday, November 13


I'm so glad I've got my cat, Weezer. He's way cooler than any other cat I've ever encountered. And that's a lot of cats, people. 

Weeze is a bad ass outdoor cat, who greets me at the car most every time I come home. When I go for runs he waits for me in the driveway. He has a special hiding spot behind the bushes that he thinks is perfect for jumping out from when you're walking by. Weeze has never had a bath. Except for the time a few months ago when he laid down and took a nap in fresh chicken shit and I attempted to "wash" him with dog shampoo and a wet paper towel. Not so successful, that venture. 

His one pitfall is his allergies. He sneezes. A lot. I've never seen an animal with so much snot. Most people think he's pretty gross. But he doesn't feel sorry for himself. He just cleans up his mess and goes on with his day. 

I hope he lives forever. 

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