Thursday, December 13

I wish I may, I wish I might

I wouldn't mind it if any of these items were in my possession by 2013. Just saying.

Gridded Moleskin Notebooks I love gridded notebooks. Especially these ones. Perfect for taking little notes throughout the day, collecting inspiration, and of course, mindless doodling.
Vintage Cocktails Book Who doesn't want a beautiful book with classic cocktail recipes.
Jewel In The Rough Pouch I have been lusting after this since the latest Anthro catalog came in the mail. Gosh darn those catalogs.
Bubble Umbrella Umm matches everything? Super cute? Less chances of hitting someone with my umbrella? Done and done.
Apron I have a strange love for aprons.
Print Would be pretty beautiful on my wall.
Kitchenaid Mixer Doesn't every girl dream of having a KitchenAid with all the attachments?
Washi Tape For adding a little zest to letters and wrapping gifts.
Crossbody Camera Satchel by ONA I'm really tired of shoving my nice camera into my purse because I don't want to lug around an ugly camera bag. I'm vain. It's okay.
Coral Trench Pretty.
Turquoise Tea Kettle Confession. I already know that I'm getting this for Christmas. Shh.
Bright colored envelopes Another obsession. I am slightly embarrassed of my envelope collection. Actually, no, no I'm not. Because white envelopes are boring. Opening up your mailbox to hot pink vellum envelopes is the best. Man, I am SUCH a good friend, spicing up mailboxes.

What are you guys wishing for this year?

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  1. i would like your entire wishlist. hahaha