Wednesday, June 17

flea market finds

So this last weekend I went to the flea market here in Sacramento and the weekend before I went to the Alameda Flea Market. I love flea markets and all the treasures you can find!

I'm so glad I peered under the dust cover of this book. It's so beautiful. And only a dollar!

The inside of my sweet orange book.

This sweet lamp is going in my future office. Whenever I actually have one. I've already got it all planned out. For now, I have nowhere to put it.

I lusted after these old letterpress letters (at least I think that's what they are! When a girl walked up next to me and asked me what they were that's what I told her, I definitely sounded like I new what I was talking about) last time I was at the Alameda flea market so this time it was the booth I looked for first. Next time though I think I'm going to pick even better letters, maybe I'll get the whole alphabet! I'm in love with them.

I got all these awesome jars which now house old black and white photos, some jewelry, and my coasters! As for the scoop, it's for ice cream. My parents have one that's similar, and I love it. So now I have one of my own, only prettier. I told them that I can finally move out, now that I have my ice cream scoop I have all I need to survive!

Those are just a few of my finds! Sometimes I really wish I had my own place so I could buy everything I want.

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