Tuesday, June 22

it doesn't take much

Today at lunch my BTF (Best Tuesday Friend- we decided we're really only best friends on Tuesdays) Taylor and I got into a discussion about how I am so very easily entertained. She informed me that when she gets bored she finds things that would probably keep me entertained and then imagines what I would say about such things. I guess I'm glad I keep her entertained even when I'm not around.

For the most part, I'm usually never really bored. Just faux bored I suppose.

Perhaps it's because I find the world to be fascinating, and the people within it make it even more so. And I shouldn't even begin to talk about my active imagination.

But I will.

When I was little. I had an imaginary friend.

We would play in the blue playhouse my dad built for me with the flower boxes under the windows (I specifically remember reading a Dick and Jane-esque book, seeing her in a playhouse, lusting after the playhouse, and begging my dad to make one just like it. How nice it is to have a handy dad). We would go to ballerina class in "the forest" (a huge clump of trees in the back forty of our property, covered in berry bushes, a creek running through). I would come visit her at her house (the water pump, which conveniently became the gas station when I needed to fill up my bike, oh sorry, motorcycle). She would pout with me when I felt the world had wronged me.

I won't deny it, she was awesome.

I bet you will never guess what her name was.
Are you ready for this?

Ice Cream Cone.

That's right. Her name was Ice Cream Cone.

Which got me to thinking just now... I'm pretty sure celebrities name their children after their childhood imaginary friends. They must, right?! How else do you come up with some of those names?

But I digress. Pretty much, this whole post is just to say that yesterday I treated myself to a drive-thru car wash. Those car washes still haven't lost their magic. I. Was. Mesmerized.

Like I said, it doesn't take much.

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