Saturday, June 5

well, hello there

So I've pretty much been a terrible blogger this week/past month. Life is starting to slow down a bit so hopefully I'll be back to regular posting. Here's what you've missed-

wedding stuff. The above photo is from Jess and Aaron's wedding last weekend. She was stunning. And I'm not just saying it because she was the bride and that's what you're supposed to say. She. Was. Gorgeous. So happy for them. Wish I had more photos, but it's hard to take them when you're in the wedding party. And busy having fun.

painting. Lots and lots of painting.

bicycle rides all over Sacramento. Resulting in sore butt.

four barbeques in two days. And I didn't have to cook for any of them. Yes.

watching Old Yeller. Makes me want a dog. Real bad.

bargain shopping. Get this. A blazer I was wanting, originally $78. I got it for $7. That's right.

catching up with elementary school friends over pizza.

helping friends cope through breakups. Retail therapy is the best weapon.

visiting the strawberry stand WAY to much. They're starting to know me.

a bit of a health kick. Which was ruined by Captain Crunch. It's just so good. I couldn't help myself. Maybe I'll have a bowl now... just to get it out of the cupboard.

movie nights with friends.

and more good things that I can't remember.

Oh and housesitting. Hence the lack of blogging due to iffy internet. So. Next week, there will be music, there will be photos, and there will be a lack of lameness and vagueness.

1 comment:

  1. me too!
    so good to be back in the blog world,
    honestly coming back around to your blog is like visiting a friend :)
    looking forward to the new posts... (skimming back now to read your old ones)
    hopefully i can get some up too... ... yes, definitely will make an effort...