Friday, May 28

tying the knot, heading to the hitching post

Tomorrow evening my warm, beautiful, and wonderfully talented friend Jessica will marry her incredibly kind, handsome, and hardworking fiance Aaron who absolutely adores her.

And all will be right in the world.

I mean, really, you should see the way these two look at each other. It melts my heart every time.

my auntie marg and uncle ed

I might as well tell you the love story behind Auntie Margaret and Uncle Ed. I just learned it not too long ago myself.

Auntie Marg was my grandma's sister. She met and married a handsome man named Norm and soon gave birth to a son and then a daughter. The daughter, Norma Jean, died as a young child, from what might have been, my Grandma believes, leukemia. A few years later, Norm dies of a heart attack, leaving his son Jimmy fatherless and Auntie Margaret a widow.

Completely heartbreaking.

Enter Uncle Ed. Uncle Ed had been in love with Auntie Marg since they were young. He just never told her. So when the time was right, he made his move.

Can you imagine, seeing the girl you love get married, then never marrying because the only one you'd ever loved was taken? And then the one she marries dies? Like, how long do you wait to pounce?

Uncle Ed got his girl in the end. And they were marvelous together. I think Uncle Ed made her heart whole again. Just look at how cute they were on their wedding day.

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