Wednesday, May 5

frugality sucks.

I don't even know why I bother visiting Anthopologie's website. It only leaves me with a puddle of drool and lustful thoughts.


All from Anthopologie's website.


  1. oh so pretty! i like the tan one best.

  2. agreed about the outrageous prices...corporate capitalism at its best! I'm sure the workers who make those clothes aren't getting the $200 profit on each item! I think all their stuff is beautiful but the company was designed towards "30-40 year old affluent professional women with incomes of over $200,000" (according to wikipedia lol). aka...I can look but I can't touch haha. oh the inequalities of market based consumerism.

  3. p.s. sorry if that post sounds cynical and profound...I am still riding the finals week research paper mindset wave :)