Tuesday, May 18

the prospect of summer

It's so close. I can feel it coming.

This summer is going to be crazy awesome.

Barbecues. Road tripping to Southern California with my old roommate from Paris. Watermelon stains. Lazy days in the hammock. Hikes. Rafting down the American River. Sundresses. Driving across the states to move my friend to Florida. Bicycle rides. Planning and then flying out to Austin for a surprise bachelorette party. Open windows. Picnics. Music Circus with my parents. Air dried hair. Saying goodbye to old friends and meeting new ones. Moving.

Can't wait.


  1. sounds like a glorious summer! oh, and the photos of the drive to your parent's house are gorgeous, girl! makes me want to grab an apple and wander your fields...

  2. ohhh that post made me so excited for summer!! I am counting down the days! (which for me is 4!). ENJOY!