Monday, May 17

there's no place like home

I really love coming up our driveway after a long day. There's nothing better than seeing the fields stretched before you, the red barn in the distance, and all the beautiful leaves waving their hello in the breeze.

One of the things that relaxes me most is strolling down the driveway to pick up the mail. It's always been my time to reflect and enjoy the silence. Last week, after picking up the mail, I was walking back up the driveway when it occurred to me that once the fall rolls around, this simple pleasure that I have enjoyed since childhood may no longer be mine to keep. And then I realized that after this summer, I might never live here again.

What an odd mix of emotions that came after that moment.

Excitement for the unknown, a sadness that was near crippling.

This is what I know. This is my home. This is my kind of beauty.

I can only hope, dream, that one day my children will appreciate the home I have built for them as much as I love the home my parents provided for me.


  1. those are beautiful photos!! i remember when i left home... it's hard, but it's good. and you can always go back to visit. i still get that feeling when i drive up the driveway of my parents' house... and they only live 5 minutes away!! :)

  2. i didn't sleep but two hours the last night i spent at home. i wanted to be awake for every second of it. but my parents are so good to me, as clearly yours are to you, and my mom once said, you can always come home. and you know what, she's right.


    (ps: this is my kind of beauty too, these photos are so gorgeous).

  3. oh man Courtney,
    these. are. AH-Mazing!

    i love love love this post, these photos remind me of south carolina, brings up so much nostalgia. thinking about where i grew up is strange for me, since technically it isn't "home" anymore, but i still feel so connected to the land there - the flat woods and smell of dirt, the marshes and swamps with the smell of wet trees and wildlife (cause wildlife totally has a smell!) the hot lake even though it smelled like fish, the breezes and porch swings... aahh i really miss coastal carolina... ESPECIALLY in the summer.

  4. i love the light in these photos.