Sunday, February 6

and I am now officially the apartment creeper

When I stepped off the bus after my Friday shift there was a beautiful sunset with this amazing light beautifying spots that normally look hideous. So naturally I run to my apartment to grab my camera.

I kinda got the shot I was looking for and decided to head to the rooftop of my apartment to take some more photos of the gorgeous light. I climbed up the fire escape, past my upstairs neighbors' bedroom and hallway windows, to the roof where I proceeded to get some decent shots.

This is where things begin to get awkward.

So I'm climbing back down the ladder, and I notice two of the guy's bedroom windows that hug the fire escape have their lights on. I think to myself oh geez, I so do not want to be the apartment creeper, let's take this nice and easy and not make any noise.

Easy enough, right?

No. Not easy enough.

In my attempt to be quiet, I accidentally kick over the barbeque grill that they have strategically placed on the fire escape (obviously to catch creepers with). A not so quiet noise springs forth.

I pause to make sure no one heard me, only to look in Jason's bedroom window to see him looking at me with this look of what the hell are you doing. A legitimate look to have plastered on his face.

Because I'm sure I looked totally normal standing in their fire escape surrounded by all of their windows with a fatty camera slung around my neck.

And as I begin to explain that I was up on the roof taking photos of the sunset, Ryder walks by the hallway window, does a double take, then opens the window to ask me what the hell are you doing? With a camera? By our windows? Thankfully it is said with laughter following it.

I try explaining. Again.


Then Andrew walks by the hallway window (Andrew who I've kissed on a few occasions), with his supposedly EX-GIRLFRIEND (that likes to visit it seems at least once a month, hmm... EX-girlfriend seems a little less ex and a little more girlfriend) and the whole vicious awkward cycle begins again.

So take note, my friends. If you plan to take photos on your roof, then you should plan to conceal your camera on the way back down the fire escape, plan to step wisely off of that last rung on the ladder, and plan to not eternalize yourself as the apartment creeper.

On another note, later that night I face planted on someone's lawn because I was in such a hurry to catch the last bus of the night that I completely failed to notice the concrete curb.

And then tonight I got yelled at by the bus driver for bringing my open can of Red Stripe on the bus.

This has been a very classy last thirty-some-odd hours.


  1. aaa how mortifying! but funny :) you should show them the pictures to prove your intentions, haha.

  2. This has made me smile this morning! It's these kinds of stories that are the best to tell people though! x