Tuesday, May 3

oh Diana

A few weeks ago I finally got the roll of film that's been in my Diana for months developed.
Hopefully I'll get some more opportunities after these finals are over (three weeks!) to snap some more photos. Already making lists of all the things I want to do on my mini vacation from school.

Its going to be wonderful. 

back home in the country

home in the city


  1. oh wow--i love the juxtaposition. these photos are really lovely. and that last photo? perfection. it says everything that needs to be said.

  2. i love these!! the two with the fences especially!

    do you always get prints when you develop the roll, and do you just take it to some photo place? i want to learn to develop film myself, but have noooo idea where to begin. i don't know if it's just this LA film lab, but getting the roll developed and put onto a disc (which was cheaper than getting prints) was like 20 bucks, plus the film... oy.

  3. Carmella, I've only developed rolls from my Diana twice, once in Sacramento and this last time here in SF. I never ordered prints but just had them scan the images onto a cd. There was only once place in Sacramento that would develop the film, and that ended up costing me I think over 30 bucks, which is completely ridiculous. There's a bunch of places in sf and the one I went to only charged 14 for the developing and the cd. I don't think there's really a cheap way of doing it if you don't do it yourself, I would totally recommend taking a film photography class at a community college, I took a couple a few years back and there were a handful of students developing their own medium format. I think that's the best way of doing it, since you learn and get comfortable before going to some open lab. I've never gone to an open lab before, but I'm thinking I should try since its been awhile since I've developed film.

    Haha, trying to talk you into a class has made me want to do it again now! Hope that helps : )