Monday, September 17

music for your Monday

One of my greatest friends, Lia, left yesterday morning for her two year commitment with the Peace Corps in Ukraine. I've had a hard time expressing how excited I am for her because, being a selfish person, I am very sad that I won't be able to call her up to come over, or go split a bottle of wine with her, or have an impromptu dance party wherever we may be (I may have been crying most of the two hour drive home from our goodbye's the other day, it went something like this- "I have no job, I'm back at my parent's house, AND now my best friend is going to be on the other side of the world" Insert pathetic tears here). I'm going to miss her in ridiculous amounts; two years is a very long time to not see someone that you've gone on some of your most memorable adventures with.

I am so glad to have gotten to have her as my closest confidant and friend for the past two years, I can't wait to see where these next two years take her and to hear all about the crazy adventures she's going on.

And I hope that when she gets the occasional onslaught of homesickness that she'll remember that things will be all be fine, that these next two years will be incredible and wonderful and sometimes lonely but oh so worth it, and that the folks she digs here in California will be here waiting for her when she gets back in time for New Years 2015.

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