Monday, September 17

My friend and I went for a walk around her little neighborhood the other day. Walks are my favorite. Especially when the setting sun casts a warm glow on everything it hits.

I am always hesitant to say goodbye to summer. The long days. The warm nights. The beautiful light.

You know, I just realized that with every changing season I always claim the one we are leaving is my favorite (well, except winter. Winter is not my jam). I don't think I will ever have a favorite anything. There are to many good things, too many little aspects that create the whole, each one special in it's own way. If I were to super categorize my life then I'm sure I would be able to find some favorites, but really, who wants to spend the time categorizing and picking favorites when they could spend that time enjoying the very things they're picking apart.

Oh look at that. Pretty sure I just wrote some incoherent ramblings. Don't think I'm going to take the time to proof-read it, though.

Nope. Don't think I will.